Apple & Ginger Detox Breakfast Muffins

Calling all the granola lovers out there – this post is for you, especially if you’re keen to stay on the healthy eating path throughout January and beyond. While many brands out there cram their granola with added sugars, preservatives and other unnecessary ingredients, Rollagranola make it their mission to ‘break away from mass-produced cheap […]

Grain-free Ginger Nut Cookies

I’m currently obsessed with all things ginger right now. In fact, this recipe was a purely spur of the moment thing just as I was overcome with a craving for something nutty, crunchy and flavoured with this festive and amazingly nutritious spice. These goodies are not only easy to make and delicious, they are grain-free, […]

Chocolate Orange & Ginger Protein Brownies

Gooey, soft and delicious. These rich, chocolatey brownies are not only gluten-free, but low carb and packed full of protein thanks to the key ingredients – butternut squash, raw cacao and PhD Nutrition Chocolate Orange whey protein. With a twist of ginger, you can’t go wrong with these #IndulgingInnocently bad boys! Ingredients: 1 butternut squash […]