Review: Vegan & Gluten-free Pudding Club at LEAF

The first rule of pudding club: Don’t count calories. Although this was an entirely vegan and gluten-free one, that doesn’t equal ‘healthy,’ despite what some people believe. But that’s beside the point; the chefs and tea-trained staff at one of my new favourite spots in Manchester, LEAF, were keen the show off their skill and […]

Eating Vegan at Corn Exchange: Pho

In case you didn’t know, November plays host to World Vegan Month, recognised annually by vegan groups, brands and people worldwide, supported by Animal Aid and The Vegan Society. If you’re not vegan already, this is an ideal opportunity to give this lifestyle a go – whether eating out, cooking or trying out alternative products. […]

What It’s Like Being A Freelancer

Back in September 2015, fresh from getting married and returning from our honeymoon in Ibiza, I jumped straight into freelancing and haven’t looked back. After spending 5 years in online marketing and social media, both in-house and agency-side focused on B2B clients, I had the burning desire to jump ship and turn my passion into […]