About #IndulgingInnocently

Hello there!

Thanks for visiting SpamellaB.com, I’m Pamela, a Manchester-based, music loving and fitness fanatic blogger and freelancer.

Have your cake…And eat it!

I’m hugely passionate about health, food and fitness and the affect these have on the body. To me, food is fuel and a way of nourishing ourselves both inside and out.

A firm believer of enjoying what you eat, it’s my aim mission to create healthy AND tasty recipes for all to enjoy, made from ingredients that are good for you – inside and out. I’m wheat intolerant myself so the majority of recipes are gluten-free, plus they are made from unrefined sugars and many are also dairy-free and/or vegan.

This is what the concept #IndulgingInnocently is all about; you CAN still have your cake and eat it!

Here’s a taster of just SOME of the ‘healthified’ sweet treat creations you can find in the recipe section.

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