REVIEW: Orillo Outdoor Cinema – Made In Yorkshire TV

Back in 2012 I regularly blogged for the lovely guys at Made In Yorkshire TV, a great blog about all the best things happening in Yorkshire. Here’s one of my posts!

Always the one to do quirky imaginative things, for weeks the Orillo Production guys…

Orillo Outdoor Cinema

Richard, Keenan, James and Sarah – transported their eye-catching ‘O R I L L O’ life-size letters and snapping them outside places around York, getting the hype up for their 2ndannual Outdoor Cinema. Not only that but during the week leading up to Sunday 22nd July they delivered free popcorn (from a great little family company in London) to those who tweeted or Facebooked them with their address, to spread the word and get that cinema feeling going – here’s the video…

Orillo Cinema | The Popcorn Give Away! from Orillo Productions on Vimeo.

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