The Rise of Shuffling and Hostility Within the Music Scene #DMMDebate

Circo Loco

Yesterday we headed down the M6 to Birmingham for the highly anticipated Circo Loco in the Arena / Type Festival, boasting an incredible line up, a promising venue and a new city for us to party in. The pre-party at The Old Crown, hosted by Self and our our friend Ant Douglas was simply perfect. The stunning sunshine overlooking the beer garden, chilled out house vibes played by Ant, cheap drinks and good friends, in a relaxed, chilled out venue. Perfect.

Over at the festival, the warehouse, arena and garden complex provided the dirty, urban rave scene we are familiar with in Manchester, the music was quite simply world class but that is where we run out of nice things to say. The whole complex felt… hostile. Rows of people at the back, stood there, arms crossed, staring at others. Lots of pushing and shoving, stares and glares and a severe lack of dancing. Yes, at the front the dedicated fans bounced, arms in the air along with smatterings of rave groups enjoying the music but that was it. We joked that the VIP toilet queue had more life in it than half of the crowd. As always, our little group made the most of it, enjoyed the music, drank too much and danced in a corner of the main area.

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