A Look Back at Social Media Trends of 2013

This time of year, along with the endless Christmas marketing campaigns, boozy parties and the excitable countdown, brings with it round-up after round-up of the infamous Top 10 lists, reflecting on what has captured our society and culture throughout the past 12 months.

It’s something I’ve been focusing on and reading a lot about for my job as Social Media Executive at The Media Octopus, which has inspired blog posts following announcements from the top social media channels. Twitter, Instagram and Google have very recently revealed the trends of 2013 on each platform, summing up the talking points of the world and significant moments in both the UK and around the world. I find these fascinating, as they not only serve as a reminder of what’s been happening over the last year, but also define it when we look on 2013 in years to come.

If you’re interested in all things social media, digital marketing and trends of the year, you may like to have a read of these blog posts on both The Media Octopus website, plus The Data Octopus, a client and sister brand of our agency. Look out for more to come over the festive period – let’s see what 2014 has to offer us!

Twitter 2013

Siam Paragon