Guest blogging – Get your name out there!

One of the things I enjoy as part of my role as Social Media Executive at Manchester based digital marketing agency, The Media Octopus, is as well as managing the social accounts across various chanenels, is writing blogs for the website. Of course, this is perhaps an obvious point as my own blog shows, but I love getting stuck into writing a feature or article about something happening in the social media or digital marketing world, an area I am pretty much immersed in and obsessed with.



Recently I’ve been invited to write guest blogs for a few different social media sites, including MarketMe. An online communinty showcasing ‘news, views and expert advice’ focused on the likes of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, the website embraces many of the best Social Media experts throughout the UK for a rapidly growing audience. As someone who has been an avid reader of the content on the site, I was thrilled!

I decided to concentrate my first blog on ‘The Customer-Brand Relationship: Tips for making it work’. With social media allowing so many opportunities for brands to communicate with and build up a relationship with its audience, I thought I’d document the ideal process for keeping them interested in and maintaining loyal to a brand.


For my second blog, this is more focused on ‘How Big Data Can Solve Marketers’ Social Engagement Challenges’. With big data set to become an even more important and inclusive part of marketing activities throughout, in this blog I explore how it can solve challenges with social engagement.

data blog

For my 3rd guest blog on MarketMe, I decided to go outside of my social media box and explore the realms of website design, something which I studied during my degree and very much enjoyed. Here it is: ‘What makes great web design? Don’t forget the socials!’

Web Design

I decided to focus my 4th guest blog on the subject of Google+. Since I joined about a year ago, it’s been a social network which really divides opinion from both a user and a business perspective; some don’t bother with it at all, while others have built up a huge following and know how to maximise its use, running some great campaigns and gaining a lot of interaction and attention. So, here’s my post on ‘Why your business should be on Google Plus – Tips on how to maximise the social network’


Social Media London

In the past few weeks, I have had my first guest blog published on the Social Media London website, a fantastic resource of content for all things related to digital, online and social media. Again, as a keen reader of the site and its valuable articles, this is another great opportunity to contribute to an influential site while representing The Media Octopus brand. Here’s my first post, ‘How to Make 2014 Your Twitter Year’, offering tips on how to get it right on the microblogging social network.


As an avid user on Pinterest for the Octopus accounts – mainly sharing infographics and posting interesting visual content from other sources – it made me think about using it from a business angle with a strategy behind it. So, without further ado, I focused my second guest blog on: ‘How Marketers Should Be Using Pinterest’.

Pinterest for Marketers

BeSeen Marketing

Thanks to striking up a relationship with the friendly lot at BeSeen Marketing, I spotted a call out for guest bloggers so, willing to jump at the opportunity, I had a think about what to concentrate on for my first attempt. I think LinkedIn is a fantastic social media platform for the business world, and together with building my own personal community and ‘brand’, I decided to go down that route: ‘Personal Branding – Tips for getting the most out of LinkedIn’.

Personal Branding