Metcalfe’s Skinny Topcorn: Snap, Crackle & Yum – without the guilt!

It was a miracle I hadn’t tasted Metcalfe’s Skinny Topcorn before, only having come across it recently thanks to spotting a retweet from one of my fellow health junkie girlies. I’ve always seen popcorn as the high fat/sugar/salt snack you scoff at the cinema – basically, a tub of unhealthiness, a treat…Not any more though, thanks to this funky, vibrant brand dispelling the myth, proof that popped corn in fact can be healthy while being incredibly tasty, in all sorts of flavours – I was in love already!

After some fun tweeting interaction with @MetcalfesSkinny, they very kindly invited me to be part of their blogger #TopcornTribe which I was over the moon about. Being sent a stunning gift box every month of different varieties to blog about and share via my social media channels, this couldn’t be a better opportunity and a very generous one at that! I really appreciate brands who value their fans and blogger community, making it a two-way relationship with, effectively, their brand ambassadors being a huge influence.

Metcalfes topcorn

I was delighted to receive a very special delivery from the lovely lot at Metcalfe’s Skinny Topcorn at work the other week, much to the excitement of my work mates at The Media Octopus. Being wheat intolerant, I usually miss out on treats like donuts and biscuits, so having bags of popcorn to satisfy my craving for something sweet (or salty!) with a little crunch made my day!

My big box contained these yummy delights:

  • Sweet ‘N’ Salt
  • Heat ‘N’ Sweet
  • Sea Salt
  • Wasabi Glaze
  • Sweet Cinnamon Spice
  • Chocolate Crackle

Not a bad selection at all; this mix of weird and wonderful flavours sets the brand apart in the popcorn market, especially when each bag contains between 108 – 230 calories.

I was spoilt for choice and didn’t know which flavour to start with, although with the help of Ashley, we shared a bag of the Sweet Cinnamon Spice. We were addicted from the first mouthful; the butteriness of the popcorn was mouthwatering, the sweetness was just right while the cinnamon twist took this sweet popcorn to another level. It tasted so fresh and far too unhealthy for its innocent nutritional value – an immediate winner.

Sweet Cinnamon

One of the lads, Chris, opted for the Heat ‘N’ Sweet, a combination which I was intrigued by, being a huge fan of sweet flavours and anything with a hot kick. On first bite, again the richness of the popcorn was irresistible while the sugary taste was instantly impacted by the chilli flavour coating. An unusual concoction, this worked so bloody well and created taste sensations I’d never had before – dangerously addictive but at a measly 112 calories a bag, I didn’t feel guilty in the slightest!

The big boss Rich, and later my boyfriend James, gave the Wasabi variety a go, a flavour which was new to me. It was hard to distinguish whether this was a sweet or a savoury sensation; a taste which was pleasant but to be honest, I wasn’t sure whether I liked it or not! On the other hand, James loved it while I had to almost stop Rich from grabbing the second bag from my box!

Over the week, I had the ‘hard’ task of trying out the other flavours from the box. These little bags of delicious goodness were the ideal option when I felt peckish in between meals or after a workout, being both a low calorie choice to keep me going but without weighing me down or feeling too full. The size of the bags were substantial too; a generous portion without being too stingy or too big for one serving.

choclate crackle

Both the Sea Salt and Sweet ‘N’ Salt were as I expected ‘normal’ popcorn to be, but healthier, lighter and not as stodgy as the varieties I’d had at the cinema. For me, my favourite of them all and the most ‘naughty’, was the Chocolate Crackle. YUM. With a hint of chocolate glazed over every cluster, each mouthful was a foodgasmic experience; the balance of chocolate to popcorn was perfect, airy and light, and tasted so calorifically good and indulgent but without being sickly or overly sweet.

I have now found an awesome snack option, “the lightest and tastiest swag in a bag”. I think the brand’s man with a pan, Julian Metcalfe, deserves a massive high five for popping corn for his Pret A Manger shops back in 2008. I can’t wait to try out new flavours, the more wacky and crazy the better, and I await my next box with excitement.

Check out the website to find out where you can also get your hands on these bags of delicious goodness – you will wondered where they have been your whole life!

Which is YOUR favourite? If you could have any flavour popcorn, what would it be? Comment on this post or tweet me @SpamellaB 🙂.