Oh So Good For You: Healthy chocolate DOES exist!

Chocolate that’s good for you – something in our dreams, a longed-for myth which would only be a miracle if it existed…Well, guess what – it already does! Say hello to Oh So Good For You, chocolate which you can actually enjoy and not feel too guilty about as part of a healthy diet. What makes this product so good? Well, let me tell you more…


One little 13.5g bar contains your daily optimal amount of “friendly bacteria”, which can help your digestive system , have a positive influence on healthy gastrointestinal functions and your immune system – basically, good for your insides. Cocoa naturally contain flavanols which have been found to act as powerful antioxidants to help strengthen the body’s immune system, while being full of B-complex vitamins, needed for realeasing energy and creating the body’s building blocks.

Not only that, but Oh So chocolate misses out the bad things, containing no added dairy, wheat, gluten or cholesterol. Yet another bonus about these bars of chocolatey goodness: at only 72 kcals a bar despite being made from 53% Belgian chocolate, these are ideal for anyone who needs a sweet fix while watching their weight.

Oh So orange
They are the all the amazing facts about Oh So chocolate, which so far sounds too good to be true. What about the most important thing: the taste? I decided to order the Orange chocolate variety, being a huge lover of a zesty addition. I was unsure of what to expect in all honesty; some ‘healthy’ chocolate brands out there tend to be drier in texture, much less sweet or a gritty sensation when eating. Without the main key ingredients, these alternatives tend to be a disappointment.

So, when a box of these bad boys arrived at The Media Octopus office, I was desperate to see how they would fare and handed them out to my other chocolate loving work mates. Immediately, the general consensus was – YUM. While being small, these bars are great for portion control and to be honest, are just the right size as the cocoa is quite rich and sweet – any more would be too sickly. Oh So tastes just as good as Terry’s Chocolate Orange but a darker variety, slightly less sweet but deliciously tasty and, miraculously, meltingly smooth with no weird grittiness or unpleasant aftertaste.

Love Oh So

To all you chocolate lovers out there, I can’t recommend Oh So highly enough as a healthier but just as tasty alternative to the standard chocolate bar. Next time I order from the site, I’ll get both varieties and in larger quantities – they go down far too quickly. So there you go, chocolate that is good for you ACTUALLY exists – give Oh So a go and you’ll never go back to the standard varieties again!.