Whey Hey Protein Ice Cream: Healthy Recipe Challenge

Imagine an ice cream you can eat without feeling guilty, knowing that it actually contains ingredients that are good for you. Sadly, most products are packed with sugar and fat, so even a cheeky scoop can be a naughty indulgence and rack up the calories. I was absolutely thrilled then, when a couple of months I discovered Whey Hey, the world’s first leading protein ice cream. That’s right, little tubs made from whey protein isolate, the highest quality type of protein available. Also being all natural, no sugar, low in fat and carbs and gluten-free, this brand sounded too good to be true.

I investigated the website after seeing @wheyheyofficial on Twitter, and it was clear this product was exactly what it said on the ‘tin’. Containing a substantial 22g of whey protein per pot, available in Strawberry, Vanilla and Chocolate, these sounded like the perfect post-workout food; a sweet treat but totally guilt-free. Whey Hey ice creams are also ideal for those watching their weight or diabetic (made with xylitol rather than sugar), making them an ideal healthy alternative ice cream or snack option.


After developing a good relationship with the Whey Hey team on Twitter, I was delighted to be invited to take part in a blogger challenge: create tasty but healthy recipes using their ice creams. I’ve been following a high protein/low carb lifestyle and focusing on more weights and resistance training for a while, so this sounded ideal and I couldn’t wait to get experimenting.

Whey Hey: Too good to be true?

Before I go onto the recipes, let me first give a quick overview of the product before I messed around with them adding extra ingredients. I tried the Vanilla one first, my usual favourite flavour…I couldn’t believe how amazing it tasted, deliciously creamy, not too sweet with just the right amount of vanilla, while containing no nasties. Next, the Strawberry one was equally enjoyable, a wonderful pink colour and just as you’d expect this variety to taste – fruity, refreshing and sweet. Then the Chocolate variety, a luxurious, rich and chocolatey pot packed full of flavour, far too enjoyable for it to be healthy…? Oh wait, no, it’s actually completely guilt-free. WINNER!

Healthy high-protein recipe challenge

It was great fun coming up with these recipes using Whey Hey ice creams, all have a high protein focus but contain some healthy carbs to create well balanaced, gluten-free desserts or breakfast options packed full of goodness. I thought about what recipes would compliment the different flavours – so here goes!




So, what did you think? I’d love to know if you try any of these recipes yourself and any variations – please tweet me and/or Instagram @SpamellaB and use the hashtag #LovingWheyHey and I’ll re-share on my social channels 🙂 Thanks again Whey Hey!