Get your protein on the go with The Protein Drinks Company

‘The Protein Drinks Company was founded by nutrition industry experts, with the sole purpose of developing a range of accessible, convenient and delicious health, beauty and wellness protein drinks.’

This is the mission of the vibrant, friendly brand, whose aim is to offer convenient drinks packed full of goodness for those who want an extra protein boost. With a whole host of benefits, from preserving strength and restoring energy levels to repairing hard-working muscles, protein is an important part of your everyday lifestyle which is where The Protein Drinks Company comes in.


Being a massive advocate of incorporating extra protein into my diet as I focus on resistance, core and weight training, I was delighted when the company invited me to review a range of their drinks. Leading a busy and active lifestyle, I always ensure I have plenty of protein on a daily basis but I was looking forward to fueling my body with these drinks on the go and sampling the different types and flavours…Here goes!

Shake yourself slim with USLIM

Launched as a weight-loss nutrition shake packed with yummy goodness to add to your get-fit routine, this cute little bottle boasts 12g protein to help combat hunger, contains green coffee bean extract to support metabolism and only has 105 calories per serving. Containing at least 30% of vitamins C, E and D, this dinky drink is naturally rich in calcium to support bone strength and 3g of fibre for digestive and heart health.


Taste test: I really enjoyed this creamy, light and sweet Smooth Strawberry flavour drink. A great pink colour, each sip was refreshing and satisfying without being too strong, sickly or thick to digest. Although I’m not on any sort of weight-loss programme, this would be an ideal addition to a diet plan in terms of nutritional value and indulging in a totally guilt-free sweet fix.

Adding muscle to your milk with UFIT

This nutritional milk drink contains 22g of protein to significantly help strengthen bones, maintain healthy muscles and keep you feeling fuller for longer. Available in Chocolate and Strawberry flavours, UFIT drinks are rich in calcium and contain 3g of fibre and at least 30% of vitamins C, E and D. It is recommended to use between meals as a nutritious snack, or on the go when you’re pushed for time.

UFIT added muscle

Taste test: I found the Chocolate flavour drink to be sweeter than the others – a little bit too sickly for me – but still tasty and enjoyable nonetheless. Because it wasn’t too creamy, this made it less rich but still satisfying and a great option for a drinkable snack in between meals, keeping me full and indulging my chocolate cravings – ideal for those with a sweet tooth looking for a healthy alternative!

Become a lean mean machine with UFIT Pro 50

A super-size bottle with the option of splitting into two servings to fulfil your nutritional cravings throughout the day, this beast provides 50g of protein for sustained growth and recovery support after exercise. Low in fat, and naturally rich in amino acids, this drink also contains a substantial level of calcium to support bone strength, 3g of fibre and 30% of vitamins C, E and D per serving, making it an ideal option for power-packed protein nutrition.


Taste test: Rich, smooth, creamy and chocolatey – what more could you want from a protein ‘milkshake’? Without being overly sweet or sickly, I loved the flavour and consistency of this power-packed drink straight from the bottle, but also used some in a post-workout smoothie blended with frozen banana and a spoonful of peanut butter for some serious refuel food. This latest me about 3 servings rather than two but for those who are big into lifting, this drink is the perfect addition to your diet.

Breakfast in a bottle with UFIT Breakfast

Ideal for breakfast on the go, this nutritious drink contains the goodness of a bowl of porridge so no matter where you are, you can be sure to have a hearty breakfast. With 15g of protein per bottle to keep you fuller for longer, thanks to the ideal combination with carbohydrates from liquidised oats, you can sure of a sustained supply of energy for the whole day. Providing calcium, added fibre and essential vitamins, this really is a super meal in a bottle first thing in the morning!

UFIT Breakfast

Taste test: This one definitely had more of a milkshake taste and texture to it, again having that yummy sweet and chocolatey flavour without being too overpowering. If I was short for time or needed to grab breakfast on the run, I’d be happy drinking this as an alternative, knowing its protein and nutrient properties plus its higher carbohydrate content makes it a great longer lasting energy source.

Thanks so much to The Protein Drinks Company for getting me involved, make sure you look out for them most Tesco Extras and Superstores, Holland and Barrett and Superdrug, or online at and Don’t forget to follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram too!