Cuckoo Foods ‘Modern Muesli’: Transforming breakfast on the go

When I was introduced to Cuckoo Foods by the lovely lot from The Food Sauce, the concept of ‘Bircher muesli’ pots immediately excited me. Basically muesli soaked in yogurt, milk or fruit juice overnight, the attraction is that any combination of fruits, nuts and flavours can be added according to your preferences while being a quick and simple option for breakfast or a filling snack (ideal for post workout!).


So who are Cuckoo? Friends from school, Anna and Lucy fell in love with Bircher muesli when they first had a taste of it in Switzerland. This became a business venture in 2012 when they seeked to take Anna’s mother’s wonderful creations to market. Since selling their first post in Selfridges in December 2013, the growing ‘Modern Muesli’ brand is now available in Waitrose and Jamie Oliver’s cafes along with other leading UK outlets.

In essence, as is states on the vibrant website:

‘Cuckoo was created to satisfy those looking for something more adventurous and tasty in their endeavor to find food that is convenient and healthy.’

What makes these substantial pots of goodness stand out from the crowd? A blend of British jumbo wholegrain oats, chunky fruit and super healthy linseeds all soaked in creamy yogurt, Cuckoo Bircher muesli comes in five different flavours:

  • Apple & Cinnamon Spice with plump & juicy flame raisins
  • Apricot & Madagascan Vanilla with a tangy raspberry compote
  • Mango & Coconut with a tropical twist of lime & ginger
  • Choco Sour Cherry with a smooth layer of Madagascan vanilla
  • Elderflower & Cranberry with a blueberry & blackcurrant compote


Don’t they all sounds mouthwatering? What’s more is there nutritional value; although they aren’t gluten-free, they are suitable for those with wheat intolerant like myself as well as vegetarians, as low GI meaning they release long-lasting energy, are a fantastic source of fibre and protein and average around 280 calories per pot. This might sound a little high but for a substantial meal or snack, the calorie value is beneficial.

As someone who has never really had Bircher muesli before but has been keen to try it, what was my verdict of Cuckoo? They were all wonderfully thick, rich and creamy, packed full of fruit and very filling thanks to the fibrous oats and linseeds. It’s hard to say which one was my favourite as they were all delicious in their own way, but for me it was the Apple & Cinnamon Spice. That’s my favourite combination at this time of year so that maybe swung my opinion, but with a wonderful balance of cinnamon and plump raisins with bursts of apple, this really hit the spot and satisfied my sweet tooth.


I thought the Choco Sour Cherry pot would have been sweeter than it was, but the richness of the vanilla gave it an indulgent, extra creamy edge, while the raspberry compote in the Apricot variety worked wonderfully with a hint of vanilla – I would have perhaps liked a bit more fruit but it was filling enough as it was. A taste of summer from the combination of coconut, mango, lime and ginger added a refreshing zest and really brought the Bircher muesli pot to life, which came a close second for me.


So, the overall verdict of Cuckoo Bircher muesli is a positive one. I usually have a protein smoothie or eggs and avocado for breakfast after my workout, keeping it low carb, but I would certainly enjoy having one of these pots every now and then for a more luxurious, indulgent one.

If you’re looking for a filling, nutritious snack or breakfast on the go, these are ideal and will definitely satisfy hunger in a tasty way!

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