Red Velvet Protein Butterfly Muffins

It was thanks to Twitter that I came across Mission Clean & Lean, offering online mentored fitness & nutrition programmes; clean eating, daily workouts & positive thinking to empower, invigorate & transform both body & mind. In the run-up to the lauch of their exciting ebook launch recently, I was kindly invited to collaborate with the brand – so what better way than to create a healthy, sweet treat recipe!

With these cute, vibrant muffins, I wanted to go a bit retro and make them into butterfly buns – remember, like you made at school? Why not! Made from the super ingredient that is beetroot to add a wonderful pink element, with a tasty protein boost plus a no added sugar, healthy fat packed chocolate filling, what’s not to love about these colourful clean treats?


Want the recipe…?


…Find it over on Mission Clean & Lean!

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