ST DALFOUR: Fruit Spreads Without The Sugar

The problem with jams and fruit spreads is that they can contain deceivingly high amounts of added sugars and all kinds of preservatives and added nasties. I get that this can help with the shelf-life of a jar, but are they really necessary?

Step forward St Dalfour’s high content fruit spreads, a selection of delicious flavours made from 100% fruit and no cane sugar. The brand’s focus is to let the fruit do with talking:

‘By gently cooking in the tradition of the French countryside, the natural flavour of the fruit is conserved.’

This is more like it! Natural jams and spreads you can use and enjoy in exactly the same way as their artificial, sugar-pumped cousins. Once opened it is advised to use them within 2-3 months, which is reasonable considering their lack of preservatives. I’ve been using their Raspberry Preserve for years now, along with the Apricot one which works wonderfully as a glaze. So when I was approached to review some other flavours from the range, I was thrilled!

Black Cherry

‘An old French recipe of delicious black cherries with fruit juice concentrate’

Ingredients: Black cherries (51%), unsweetened fruit juice concentrates (grape, date), gelling agent fruit pectin, lemon juice.


As a huge fan of cherries, this is the fruit spread version of dreams. Rich, sweet and a little hint of tartness to balance it out, the jar is bursting with succulent, juicy cherries; just the right amount of whole berries to jam ratio. This is definitely a favourite and one which I am sure won’t last long in my fridge…

This would be the ideal addition to any sweet recipes which require a cherry conserve like a filling for pies and tarts. Or how about simply swirled into some natural yogurt with fresh cherries, sprinkled with almonds for that cherry bakewell vibe? On that note, you might like my Cherry Bakewell Crumble Tartlets recipe over here.

Pineapple & Mango

‘An old French recipe of delicious pineapples and mangoes with fruit juice concentrate’

Ingredients: Fruit [pineapples (25.5%), mangoes (25.5%)], unsweetened fruit juice concentrates (grape, date), gelling agent fruit pectin, lemon juice.


More of a tropical vibe, this fruit spread was much chunkier than expected, which definitely wasn’t a bad thing. Offering generous amounts of both mango and pineapple pieces, I was pleasantly surprised to find this wasn’t too overpowering or sickly sweet, which can sometimes be the case with this flavour combo.

I’d use this watered down slightly as a chunky sauce to go over healthy ice cream made from blending up frozen bananas, or spread over a homemade banana loaf. It would also work well as a glaze on top of a ginger cake.


‘An old French recipe of delicious strawberries with fruit juice concentrate’

Ingredients: Strawberries (51%), unsweetened fruit juice concentrates (grape, date), gelling agent fruit pectin, lemon juice.


Strawberry jam – everyone’s favourite. In keeping with the thumbs-up trend, St Dalfour certainly don’t disappoint with their version of this childhood classic. Let’s point out that it isn’t the horrific, artificial bright red colour most kids are used to; rather, it looks much more in its natural state and retains enjoyable discreet chunks of strawberries. Just the right texture to be able to spread on toast just as well as using in baking, I’d happily have this in my cupboards as a standard ‘jam’ for all ages!

Gourmet Chestnut Spread

‘Chestnuts roasted to perfection to make this delicious, gourmet spread’

Ingredients: Fruit juice concentrates (grape, date), chestnuts (43%), natural vanilla extract.


OH. MY. LORD. Caramel fans, you need a jar of this in your life!! With a delightfully silky smooth, glossy texture, who knew that a sauce made primarily from chestnuts with no added sugar could taste this incredible?! Nutty, rich and naturally sweet, I’m already drooling over the ideas of I’m going to use this in healthy sweet creations…

On the jar it suggests serving this spread as a topping on toast, muffins, ice cream or cake, but it would equally work in cake batters for blondies, brownies or anything that requires a caramel flavour – a fantastic alternative to canned caramel sauce in a tin which is much higher in fat and added sugar.

Have YOU tried any of St Dalfour fruit spreads? If you haven’t, I hope you are inspired to try out one of their many varieties if you spot them!