Art For The Kitchen: Edge of Belgravia Knife Set

I’m excited to share a different kind of review on my blog, focusing on a key staple in any kitchen: A knife set. To be honest this is something I haven’t really given a second thought to in the past; but recently, as I’m creating more and more recipes as part of my job, it has become apparent that I need a decent set of knives that can slice and chop when working with food.

As if by coincidence, I was contacted by Edge of Belgravia, an innovative brand of chef knives which mix ‘bold design and top quality materials to provide an elegant experience from start to finish’, to review their most popular range, Precision. I jumped at the offer and couldn’t believe it when a full set arrived, complete with the stunning Black Diamond knife block – this was definitely going to add a touch of style and professionalism to my kitchen!


‘Futuristic styling by contemporary London designers, together with high-tech materials and supremely sharp stainless steel, make our chef knives an effective tool as much as a piece of art for the kitchen. We believe this is the secret to inspired cooking.’

Black Diamond is intended as a piece of art for the kitchen

Just as you may feel more motivated in the gym when wearing new fitness gear, placing this on the worktop brought with it a new sense of pride in the kitchen. Combining the visual aesthetics with a sturdy base to arrange a total of 11 knives (they have to be thinner than 4mm) makes this an object which will appeal to both design geeks and budding chefs alike.

It takes up quite a bit of space but that’s totally forgivable when it houses the tools which will transform your food preparation. Arranging and removing the knives is done with ease thanks to the angled slots, while if you’ve only got 2 or 3 knives in it at a time, it doesn’t look empty or lonely standing in its grandeur. Keep it clean by hand washing only and drying straight after.

Retailing at £79.99 on the site, it may seem a little pricey but when you consider how beautiful it looks and its accessibility for using knives properly in the kitchen, I’d say this is a worthwhile investment.


This complete six-piece set is essential for anyone who is serious about cooking or working with food. Edge of Belgravia curated this set to the specific needs of London’s top chefs, so they know their sh*t: Each knife has been uniquely designed for a specific purpose and task, from mincing shallots to finely chopping herbs, to thinly slicing meat or peeling citrus fruit.

Designed by Christian Bird, a man of perfection who combines the diamond-like facet shape of the rubber-coated handle with a carefully conceived, non-stick blade, these knives have been created for precision. When I opened the box I have never been so excited to see knives; they are beautiful! Slick but robust, graceful yet razorsharp, here’s a bit more about each one:

  • PARING KNIFE – Ideal for perfect precision tasks with the smallest detail. Easy to handle and hold, it may be small but slices like a dream.
  • CHEF’S KNIFE (6” / 15cm) – The staple knife suitable for most cutting and slicing tasks. This is the size of knife I’m used to, a swift light action with a powerful chop.
  • FILLETING KNIFE – Slightly dexterous to ensure precision when filleting and boning meat and seafood. This is something new to me but I’m looking forward to trying it out.
  • BREAD KNIFE – This design has been extended in length to result in the perfect bread slice, no matter what size. I’m expecting this to cut cleanly through gluten-free bread too!
  • CHEF’S KNIFE (7.5” / 19cm) – A great idea to include an extended version of the Chef Knife for those who want a bigger option, allowing you to chop, slice and dice with ease.
  • SLICING KNIFE – The alternating scallops on both sides of the blade reduce the drag on the knife to allow for easy separation and paper-thin slices.

The way I view using knives has changed; I feel educated, confident and now take pride in selecting one of these for the required use. Cutting through tough-skinned fruit and vegetables – yes butternut squash, I’m talking to you – has gone from a laborious arm workout to a swift and easy glide of the knife, which makes life a hell of a lot easier when.

At a cost of £99.90 I feel this is reasonable when you consider their appearance, quality and performance. It is recommended not to use the knives in the dishwasher but rather hand wash and dry, so if you take care of them I would expect them to last a long time. You could store these in any knife block but the Black Diamond really allows them to shine!

I’d like to say a big thank you to Edge of Belgravia for kindly sending me these to review for my blog. All opinions my own and honestly reflect my thoughts towards the products.