RHYTHM108: Transforming Tea Biscuits The Healthy Way

When it comes to the classic (and very British) tea and biscuits, we’re pretty limited when it comes to enjoying something sweet to munch on which isn’t packed with refined sugar, wheat and/or dairy.

Well thanks to the geniuses at RHYTHM108 we can now indulge in a healthy and delicious take on the classic tea biscuit. Made with nutritious superfood ingredients like coconut oil, gluten-free whole oat flour and sweetened with coconut flower sugar, the Ooh-La-La tea biscuits are now available in exciting new flavours and in 160g sharing bag sizes – ideal to take into any office or meeting.

Whether you’re wanting to avoid processed and artificial ingredients or have specific dietary requirements, these indulgent but nutritious goodies are like no other on the market and redefine the nation’s favourite afternoon tea companion. Free from dairy, gluten, refined sugar and suitable for vegans, I love the fact that they offer healthier twists on traditional flavours which I’m sure many of us will enjoy.

Founded by Siddhi Mehta, a graduate from Oxford University with a Masters in Engineering, Siddhi traded a life in the City to source the finest ingredients from across the globe and create RHYTHM108 products based on all natural, organic ingredients. She says;

“We believe our quality products and unique brand will relate well with UK consumers looking for authentic products in a new, fresh and health format. As someone who loves food, I found current offerings in the snack space either functional and low on taste and texture, or indulgent but filled with sugar and extremely unhealthy ingredients. RHYTHM108 Ooh-La- La Tea Biscuits are made with solely clean, wholesome and nutritious ingredients, filling a solid gap in the snack market for a no-compromise small indulgence.”

So let’s get to the review…


For those who love the zing of ginger and zest of lemon, chia seeds add a little extra crunch to these bites of deliciousness. With a hint rather than being overpowering, RHYTHM108 have nailed this flavour on the head and perfected the crunch of each mouthful.


A more extravagant offering, each biscuit is simply heavenly – rich, chocolatey, indulgent – you’d never guess they were made from healthy ingredients when compared to other chocolate biscuits. The hazelnuts really transform this chocolate biscuit – it’s a challenge to stop once you’ve had one!


One of my dream biscuit flavours, I’d have to say these are my personal favourite (although they were all delicious in their own way). With a strong almond presence, ideal amount of sweetness and perfect crunch just like the others in the range, this was a bag I definitely didn’t want to share.


Coconut lovers, this one is for you. Once again getting the right ratio of flavour and sweetness combined with the crunch of a perfect biscuit, I loved that these were like crunchy macaroons.

Along with their Good-For-You Dessert Bars and new Deeelicious Swiss Chocolate Bar, it’s fair to say RHYTM108 are taking the healthy snack market by storm. Next time you crave something sweet or want to share treats with friends, family or colleagues – grab a bag or 4, if you can bring yourself to share!

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