WE BOUGHT A HOUSE! A Peek Into Our 1st Home

I can’t believe this time last week, after what seemed like an age to get here, WE GOT THE KEYS TO OUR FIRST HOUSE.

After renting flats in Manchester for the past 5 years and enjoying city life, the time is right for us to put our savings to good use and get on the property ladder to buy our first family home. Initially we were looking in the Sale / Altrincham / Chorlton area but to be honest, there didn’t seem to be much on offer for a decent deposit. Then we extended the search once we had our mortgage in principal and this wonderful 4 bed house with an amazing garden popped up on Rightmove – in Prestwich.

Although we’ve been to Heaton Park countless times, I’ve never really known much about the area beyond it. After viewing the house for the 1st time back in November and falling in love, we dedicated weekends to getting to know Prestwich and it’s cute high street, as well as the countless parks and gorgeous green spaces surrounding the area, all within close proximity. It’s the suburban dream, with loads of schools and nurseries around, while still being so close to the centre. Our kind of place!

Fast forward 5 months and after a few stressful weeks of waiting on a completion date while time was ticking for the end of tenancy at the flat, we finally got the call. Last Thursday, we drove to the estate agents to pick up the keys after James finished work and said a proper hello to what will be a place we’ll call home for the foreseeable future. What a surreal feeling.


Although we have the flat until 30th April, we were keen to get moved in quickly so with the incredible help of my parents and brother, we spent the whole weekend moving everything in, cleaning, sorting, organising, putting away, getting a few key bits of furniture…Tiring work! Luckily on Saturday James’ Mum kindly took Tom out for the day which was so helpful – as much as we love him to bits, having a baby crawling and climbing around everywhere isn’t ideal when moving house!

Because we’ve always lived in furnished flats, we don’t actually have much at all so we’re living out of boxes, a den made from cushions and a blow-up bed! Over the next few weeks and months, along with a few other big jobs to get the house in top top condition, we’re so excited to go shopping, scout the internet, find some good deals and hopefully pick up some quirky pieces to make the house a home. The garden is a key focal point too, which we can’t wait to get kitted out just in time for summer (and a big party for Tom’s 1st birthday in June!). Luckily all the rooms (including the kitchen and bathroom) are in a really good state so we don’t need to do any decorating or get carpets fitted.


I wanted to add a little note about moving out of the city and ‘settling down’ into a new area. I’m a creature of habit and daft as it sounds, sometimes big changes overwhelm me. Although I feel like becoming a Mum has actually helped me with this, I’ve had mixed feelings about moving. I’ll miss living a walk away from the city centre, the beautiful marina in Ancoats, friends living nearby, of course I will.

But life’s different with a baby, and we wanted to move somewhere we could grow as a family. I’m excited and can’t wait to immerse myself into a new community, but I’m also a bit scared and hope I fit in – as a parent but also as my own person. With so much of my time taken up with looking after baby, doing my work and blogging projects while working on the house with James, I’m really keen to make time for getting into the heart of Prestwich and finding my groove.

We’ve been here less than a week and I’m trying not to put pressure on myself to have to do everything all at once – I’ve been easing into life here by finding out new walks with Tom, and with Drinkwater Park right on our doorstep, this has been an amazing start! I know that over time, as a family, we’ll make the area a home as well as the house 🙂

As you can see, there’s a lot we need to do, and a lot we need to get. But the wardrobes the previous owner left have been super helpful. There’s so much storage space here, including a garage and a converted loft space which I’m sure will be put to good use over the years!

Anyway, I wanted to post this update to share the news properly and also as a starting point to see how it progresses over the next year – if you’ve got any tips for buying furniture or doing work to a house, OR you know the Prestwich area well and have good recommendations for food / nurseries / playgroups please tweet me or pop me a message on Instagram 🙂