It’s not just about B2C – ‘B2B Social Media: A Roadmap to Revenue’ via Market Wired

Marketing Wired

I’d like to highlight this succinct, informative and really useful document from Market Wired, focusing on a subject which perhaps gets slightly less attention from its B2C counterpart, yet is still just as crucial. As a result of the recent explosion in B2B social media, this report delves into the trend and analyses the reasons, indicating that, “savvy companies recognise the power of social media to transform their business and are using it to give their customers a seat at the decision-making table.”

It follows with 5 steps which Market Wired suggest can help businesses make their social media marketing a success:

1) Start with a strategy
2) Pick the right platforms
3) Connect with content
4) Generate leads
5) Learn and thrive

I won’t go into go into much more detail as it’s all there in the document but I felt this needed to be highlighted, as a reference for certainly myself as I broaden my social media understanding not just from a B2C angle, which I’m most familiar with. This is why I found it so useful so I’d certainly recommend others to read it, whether a novice or not!

Read the full report over on Market Wired!.