Slick sounds, sexual website: Defected Records website re-brand

Defected Records In The House

I love music and I love websites, so after the brand new, sexed up Defected Records website was launched yesterday, I had to indulge my inner geekiness and write a post about just how damn good it’s looking now.

Defected Records represents a lot of what my music taste is all about; chilled vibes but with an infectious bass, spiked with gorgeous melodies and harmonies plus a sprinkling of the occasional dub or tech twist. Housing many artists and DJs I can listen to for hours on end, from Noir to Copyright, Franky Rizardo to Sam Divine, not forgetting the incredible ‘Defected In The House’ radio shows, the brand also reflects the dance/house culture as a whole; listeners want to be part of its identity, not just consumers of sounds.

This is where the re-design of the website comes in and treats the viewer to an experience they want to re-visit time and time again, which isn’t just down to its fresh, slick aesthetic. Click on an artist and you can read their full bio, then check out their latest music video on a wide frame clip, giving you a taster before the opportunity to buy the track. The ‘News’ is presented in a stylish grid form and it’s the simplicity that makes it more attractive and accessible to actual want to take the time to read.

The ‘Radio’ section houses, you guessed it, the addictive radio shows, linked from their massively popular SoundCloud page with a full tracklist and breakdown for the hardcore fans. The ‘Events’ listing page is great, just the sort of thing you’d expect on a top gig/venue calendar, while the ‘Gallery’ makes me want to be in every photo and experience everything Defected has to offer to music lovers from all over. ‘We Are’ is a nice touch, showing the faces behind the brand and revealing their favourite house records (personally I’d have to agree with Sam on page 2).

This has turned out to be a review-cum-commentary on the Defected site, but I just wanted an excuse to write about a website and big up one of my favourite brands, so there you go…

Get exploring, get listening and get shouting about it!

PS…It was hard to choose but here’s one of my all-time favourite ‘Defected In The House’ Radio Shows…2 hours of pure bliss!
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