Stunning visuals, cross-genre creations and inspiring videos: My love for Pretty Lights

Pretty Lights - photo by Krystle Blackburn

I remember first hearing a track from Pretty Lights and literally stopped in my tracks as I took in the incredible combination of heavy dub bass/electro undertones, layered with hip hop infused melodies and jazzy, soulful vibes. In just this one track, it summed up my favourite sounds which I instantly related to. They say you connect with particular sounds hence why you enjoy certain genres and not others; Derek Vincent Smith’s sounds simply blew me away in those few minutes.

Since then I’ve been obsessed with the Colorado DJ/Producer’s mesmerising creations. From tracks on his various albums, which are very generously free to download from his visually appealing website, to his monthly hour-long ‘Hot Sh*t’ episodes on SoundCloud (perfect workout music), not a day goes by when I don’t listen to some form of Pretty Lights. It’s like an audio addiction.

However it’s not just about the music. With a mission to create a grand live experience on stage and wow his fans with stunning visuals, whether during his performances or posting fans’ #PLPIX on his Instagram account, Pretty Lights seeks to illuminate surroundings and encourage us to fully appreciate the fascinating scenes we perhaps miss or don’t pay attention to.

It’s this point which is highlighted on a video I came across earlier on Thump, a behind the scenes shoot of ‘Around The Block’, a track taken from his highly anticipated new full length album, ‘A Colour Map of the Sun’. A taster of what’s to come for its release on 2nd July, it’s a fascinating insight into the production of Smith’s music, the inspirations and aesthetic creativity behind it plus the ethos of what Pretty Lights is all about. One quote in particular stood out for me: “Seeing little things throughout your day and being inspired by them.” In this exploration in his studio set-up, Smith reveals why his music is so complex in a way which shows his passion and love for what he does.

Enjoy the video and have a listen to one of my favourite ‘Hot Sh*t’ episodes which I think sums up Pretty Lights’ sounds in an hour…If you like more, go and lose yourself in this incredible music!

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Unbelievably, out of his 3 UK tour dates, Dereck Vincent Smith will be coming to our very city to play at one of our favourite venues, The Deaf Institute, on Thursday 5th September…which also happens to be my 25th birthday! This seriously has to be fate 🙂 Get booking your tickets, it’s going to be incredible!.