Creative Nature Superfood Snack bars: super healthy and super tasty!

I came across Creative Nature thanks to the place where I usually find out about exciting things that float my boat – Twitter. I was sold on the fact that this brand is focused on all things healthy and natural; their strapline, ‘Let nature be your guide’ and mission statement say it all: ‘We specialise in premium high quality, 100% natural, multi-award winning, raw superfoods from around the world and cold pressed health bars.’

While you can buy all sorts of super healthy products from the website, including hemp protein, cacao, maca powder and spirulina, my focus in this blog is reviewing two of the four products within the Superfood Snack bars range. All of the bars are cold pressed using 100% natural raw ingredients which immediately appealed to me, plus they are low in saturated fats, are vegan and vegetarian friendly, dairy, wheat and soya free plus they contain no added sugars, sweeteners or preservatives.


As someone who is wheat intolerant and tries to avoid added sugar, lives a very hectic and active life with work, fitness and going out, I occasionally crave something sweet or which gives me a boost when I need an energy fix. I’ve tried countless wheat-free and/or low-sugar products which just haven’t lived up to their expectations, meaning I’ve spent that little bit more money on something which left me unsatisfied. Step in these bars of goodness which, despite containing no ‘baddies’, are some of the tastiest health bars I’ve come across. Let me go into more detail and whet your appetite…

Tropical Treat: A taste of paradise

What’s in it? Cold-pressed ginger and barley grass detox flapjack bar with coconut, dried fruit – papaya, pears, pineapple, apricots and ginger.
‘Experience paradise as this Tropical Treat transports you around the world, from the serene beaches of the Caribbean to the lush pastures of New Zealand. (This bar is not a plane, boat, car or hot air balloon, so unfortunately you will not physically travel around the world when you eat it!)’


As soon as I took a bite of this soft, chewy bar, the intense flavours of ginger and tropical fruits burst in my mouth, providing a delicious taste sensation. I couldn’t get over how packed full of flavour this was, without being too sweet or sickly. Unlike other products I’ve tried which have been too dry or crumbled away in my hands, this was so moist and thanks to the quality of the ingredients, the bar tasted so fresh and like I’d made it myself that day. It was substantial without being too heavy and filling, with just the right balance of ingredients and flavours. At just under 130 calories, this makes for an ideal, insanely delicious bar of goodness on the go and really does transport you to a tropical island!

Sublime Seed: Packed with protein

What’s in it? Cold-pressed nut, seed and hemp protein bar with roasted peanuts, hemp protein powder and sunflower seeds.
‘Experience a brand new Creative Nature Sensation with this roasted peanut, seed and hemp protein bar, bursting with flavour and awesome natural, vegetarian-approved protein. Ideal for athletes but enjoyable for all ages and professions and geographic situations.’


While this was less sweet and more robust than the Tropical Treat bar, I loved the nuttiness and substantialness of this variety. This is something I’d perhaps more often as part of my work and workout routine as opposed to just saved for a sweet ‘treat’, as it contains hemp protein powder and all the goodness from the nuts and seeds. Again, this was deliciously soft and chewy without being too flimsy or crumbly in texture, tasting fresh and like I could have made it myself. I’d recommend this one if you’re looking for a workout refuel or want to get more protein and healthy fats and fibre in your diet.

Other bars in the range…

Blissful Berry‘Experience berry magic as this naturally sweet super bar, with no added sugars or preservative, takes your taste buds on a rollercoaster of pure awesome! (Creative Nature cannot guarantee what type, speed or G-Force roller coaster each customer will experience.) A great bar to pick you up and dust you off when you are feeling low on energy or drive.’ I love anything with berries in so this bar was an immediate winner when i tried it a while ago – naturally sweet, soft and chewy while being packed with flavour. Bold statement but this was my favourite!

berry-and-cacao bars

Heavenly Cacao‘Experience chocolate heaven as you bite into this cold-pressed indulgence bar, lovingly made with raw cacao (not cocoa!) to lock in all the goodness of the cacao bean and make it naturally lower in saturated fats. A healthy, lower fat alternative to cocoa/chocolate bars, with an added fruit kick.’ I also tried this a while ago and for anyone who loves the taste of chocolate, this an ideal alternative while being incredibly tasty and indulgent but without the guilt.

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