Organic healthy snack bars that make you go ‘NOM’

“I am a new type of organic health food bar. I am not a snack bar. I am a nom bar. My mission is to help you put good, nutritious food into your body, because I know that when you are busy, it can be hard to find good food on the go, that tastes great – nom nom nom!”

This is what ‘nom’ (naturally, organic matters) bars are all about, little bars of goodness to eat on the go, made from 100% organic ingredients which contain antioxidants and help to improve metabolism, muscle function and bone strength. Containing no cholesterol, these oats and oat bran based bars release slow energy to help you fuel your body the healthy way and keep you feeling fuller for longer, plus they are high in soluble fibre. Free from refined sugar and dairy-free, they are made from coconut oil which is one of the healthiest kinds a fat – “a true superfood” which also adds a delicious flavour.


When I came across the brand I was struck by how passionate the nom guys were about creating a free-from product which was “organic, nutritious and appealing to everyone.” With so many ‘health food’ bars on the market all claiming to the be the healthiest, most natural, etc. it can be overwhelming to find one that’s true to its word whilst being delicious and enjoyable to eat. Seeing that nom’s mission is “To provide you with tasty products, which are packed with nutritious superfoods and free-from all of the nasties”, I was determined to try them as soon as possible!

Joining the nombassador crew

Spotting an opportunity to keep up to date with the latest developments, I decided to register to be a nombassador and shared my interest in tasting and blogging about food products containing healthy, natural ingredients. A few days later, my box of nom bars arrived in the three flavours: Original, Raspberry & Cacao and Banana. I couldn’t wait to get stuck in and see whether they lived up to expectations!

I went for the Original bar first to get a feel for the product without additional flavours. An enjoyable combination of textures, the bar was soft and chewy yet slightly crunchy too, and held its shape rather than crumbling or being too hard and robust. A hint of coconut provided a delicious, natural sweetness along with the agave syrup, while the subtle bursts of ‘chocolate’ from the cacao nibs added extra flavour.

nom original

Onto the Raspberry & Cacao one, which I think would have to be my favourite thanks to the added fruitiness from the freeze-dried raspberries and stronger tastes of cacao; a perfect combination. This was slightly sweeter than the Original bar, making it feel more of an ‘indulgent’ treat. Similarly, the Banana variety had a tropical taste about it as a result of the banana chips packed inside, working really well with the coconut – another great addition to an already flavoursome and enjoyable, substantial snack bar.

nom raspberry and cacao

nom banana

Overall, I was delighted that Nom products lived up to my expectations and set themselves apart thanks to their unique combinations of superfood ingredeints plus their enjoyable tastes and textures which can be lacking from other ‘free-from’ products on the market. I noticed on their website that the brand is growing and will be introducing more products to the range, including a granola, which I cannot wait for! So, if you’re looking for a healthy snack on the go that makes you go, ‘NOM’, there are the ones!