Fast and healthy: the endless creations of using a blender

I’m pretty sure it’s a sign you’re getting old (at 25…ahem) when you get excited over buying a blender for your kitchen. Well, this weekend after wanting to make smoothies, soups and sauces for a long time, I finally invested in one and couldn’t wait to get blitzing and whizzing ingredients together.

The first thing I made using the blender was a fresh guacamole to accompany James’ winner of a chilli (check out the recipe for it right here), so in went an avocado, natural yogurt, lemon juice and cayenne pepper. Within seconds we had a tasty and healthy topping, which I chilled in a bowl for about an hour beforehand so it thickened up.

fresh guacamole

Next, I whizzed up a Super Berry Sunshine Smoothie this morning to take to work after I’d done my usual daily workout. I can’t wait to experiment with loads of different flavours and combinations, but the one I made earlier contained: Rice Dream unsweetened hazelnut milk, 1 banana, a splash of apple juice, vanilla extract, a handful of frozen berries plus 2 dessert spoonfuls of my new favourite superfood blend: Chia Bia Chia Seed & Blueberry mix – ideal for a sunny, Spring day!

super smoothie

chia bia

Last night, I fancied something creamy and chocolatey as a dessert but not something ridiculously unhealthy and full of fat and sugar. I bought some silken tofu and whizzed it up with 1 banana, a splash of apple juice, vanilla essence, some Stevia (natural sweetener) plus about 2-3 tbsp of cocoa powder, depending how strong/rich you want the chocolate flavour. This made about 4 tea cup’s worth, which I chilled in the fridge for about an hour (it will also keep overnight and eaten the next day) – the result? A creamy pot of chocolate but much healthier than a standard mousse or dessert, packed with protein and the goodness of cocoa. Simple!

tofu chocolate dessert

Watch out for more creations on my Instagram @SpamellaB and Twitter @SpamellaB too, there’ll be plenty more coming up!