Guest Recipe Part 5: Laura’s Frozen Blueberry & Almond Fudge

I’m very excited to introduce Laura, a certified health coach supporting people in their journey to help kick the troublesome sugar cravings. She helps people feel more confident and empowered with their health and is the founder of Happy Sugar Habits, a fantastic resource where you can subscribe to get loads of delicious sugar-friendly snack ideas and recipes. I really admire Laura for dedicating her time to educating others and showing that low sugar doesn’t mean tasteless or less enjoyment with food. Giver her a follow on Instagram and Twitter if you’re looking for more healthy foodie inspiration!

Laura Thomas

It’s the time of year when you can crave sweet food in the form of ice cream. As a cold healthier alternative, why not try this low-sugar, high-protein frozen blueberry & almond fudge? It’s super simple, quick and easy to make and can be a good substitute for a post meal ice cream craving.

Low-sugar Frozen Blueberry & Almond Fudge


Makes approximately 10 pieces depending on choice of ice tray.

· 4 tbls melted coconut oil
· 1 tbls almond butter
· 1tbls brown rice syrup
· 10 frozen blueberries

1) Mix the oil, almond butter and barley malt extract vigorously together in a small bowl.
2) Spoon into an ice cube tray (of any shape, hearts worked well!).
3) Push a frozen blueberry into the middle of each shape and stick the whole lot into the freezer. Do this quickly before the ingredients start to separate.
4) Eat when frozen or even semi-frozen if you’re as impatient as me!