Soupologie: Say hello to next generation free-from superfood soups

The powers of Twitter put me in touch with Soupolgie, a health soup company based in London specialising in delicious vegan and gluten-free soups. I’ve always been a fan of the blended meal form, especially when the weather gets colder and my body craves warming foods. With the aim to become ‘the UK’s foremost premium fresh soup provider and to broaden our business into providing highly nutritious free-from foods’, I was delighted to be invited to try some of these pots of goodness.

What’s great about Soupologie, and what really caught my interest about the brand, is that they are creating ‘next generation’ soups aiming to cause a stir in the soup market with interesting and innovative flavours. Yes, we’re now able to find Carrot & Coriander or Spicy Tomato & Chorizo soups, but what about unusual combinations of vegetables and superfoods for the more health conscious audience looking for something quick and bursting with nutrients on the go?

The soup brand started out in 2012 with their classic Simply Delicious range then a year later, progressed to launching a Super Soups collection, including Spinach & Kale with Garlic, with recognised superfoods. This year saw the Detox Range hit the shelves, boasting delicious mixtures with cleansing ingredients like Beetroot & Pomegranate for those wanting an intense nutrient boost. With something for all lifestyles and tastes, plus the focus on being 100% vegan and gluten-free, Soupology are certainly on their way to putting their stamp on the busy soup market.

soupologie soups

The Soupologie taste test:

Detox Boost – Celery, Apple & Ginger
It has been widely known that celery and apples are fantastic detoxing ingredients, thanks to being very alkaline which helps to equalise the body’s pH levels. The rich vitamin and mineral content in both makes them a great immune-booster, plus combined with anti-inflammatory ginger, this soup boasts fantastic cleansing properties. As well as having a high folate, vitamin A and fibre content, this vegan pot is also gluten and lactose free with no added sugars. I couldn’t wait to try this super green combination of superfoods!

The apple added a punch of sweetness which worked well with the tangy celery flavour to balance it out, while a hint of ginger lingered before I took another spoonful. Smooth in texture and just the right consistency (not too runny or too thick), this was much tastier than I expected, which could have something to do with the Pink Himalayan salt.

With only 71 calories and over 6g of carbohydrates per serving and although it is classed as a ‘detox’ meal, a warming bowl of this delicious soup was the ideal quick but healthy lunch at work. I’d happily have this again and even more so thanks to its health boosting properties, it’s a winner in my eyes!

Super Soup – Broccoli with Matcha Green Tea
A fantastic source of beta-carotene, B vitamins and vitamin C with zero cholesterol, this soup combines the nutritious and creamy properties of broccoli with the powerhouse of antioxidants from matcha green tea. I love broccoli and while this soup was strong, it was so creamy and deliciously rich, it tasted like it had cheese in it! With a velvet texture and bold colour, this is slightly higher in calories and fat than the other one but overall offers some great nutritional benefits and is suitable for vegans and those who are lactose and gluten-intolerant.

Broccoli Matcha soup

Overall I was really impressed with these two pots, although the only slight negative comment I’d say is the inclusion of hydrolysed vegetable protein in the stock, a flavour enhancer which left a glutamic residue in the bowl and tub pots. Other than that, I’d be keen to try other varieties in the Soupologie range and think the brand certainly has potential in the competitive soup/health market – look out for it in specialist health food shops and online at Ocado.