Hosting the #hbloggers Twitter chat focusing on…PROTEIN!

It was a pleasure to join the Health Bloggers UK Facebook group and Twitter @HbloggersUK network recently, a community of bloggers passionate about all things health, food, fitness and nutrition. There are so many groups out there but this is the first one I’ve been part of and been overwhelmed by the enthusiasm of the members, offering inspiration and ideas around these key themes – all a big part of my life.


Run by the superwoman that is Fab Giovanetti, a business mentor for wellness girls by day and health blogger by night, this new concept is amazing to be part of. Although only relatively new, Health Bloggers UK seems to be continuously growing, with new inspirational members joining and offering tips, ideas and links to their blogs focused on food, health and fitness. I’ve already ‘met’ some awesome fellow bloggers through the community, building friendships with those who share the same interests.

I was thrilled to be asked by Fab if I fancied hosting the 2nd #hbloggers Twitter chat on Sunday 7th September at 8pm, following Jess’ brilliant start last week focusing on the subject of nut butters – one of my favourite things to talk about! She did an amazing job and it was great to see so much chatter about one of the world’s best creations (I can’t imagine life without the stuff!).

Being obsessed with all things protein as part of my core/weight/resistance training regime and experimenting with adding it clean eating baking, I decided to focus tonight’s talk around this theme. So, here are the 4 questions and a selection of the interesting and insightful answers from those who joined in – it was a total pleasure and I look forward to being involved in more in the future!


Q1) Do you incorporate extra #protein as part of your daily fitness routine…and how?
@FitFoodEmma – Yes, I have whey protein (usually in oats/cake) after weights workouts and use protein in baking…Usually 25g whey, 1 scoop so v easy 🙂 perfect amount for recovery & creating creamy porridge.

@ashjvella – Yes! Always best to get it from real food but protein powders are just so convenient for a quick protein fix…I personally track all my macros to ensure I meet my min. requirements for protein, carbs and fat every day.

Q1 summary: It seems protein is a popular addition to diet and a great addition to fitness routine – tasty AND nutritious!

Q2) What’s your favourite #protein brand/flavour/type?
@HBloggersUK – Love hemp protein, that’s my main boost! Pea protein and hemp are my go to, just cause I don’t have dairy anymore!

@ashjvella – I keep several in stock at any one time! Favourites are @UKTeam_Optimum, @MyproteinUK & @TheProteinWorks for best flavours/range…I prefer Casein for baking too, since its less drying than whey and has a much creamier texture! Food is always better, but sometimes a powder can be more convenient, e.g. post workout.

@hedihearts – It’s all about 3 T’s for me Training,Toning and Tasting, and yes tasting is the favourite part.

@ThisWomansWord – I have a few plant-based protein powders I LOVE @SunwarriorUK @sativashakes @Naturya_UK hemp @MyproteinUK. You might find my my archived @SunwarriorUK review helpful 🙂


@alifestylechoic – Go with hemp if you get anything I think. Acidity is a problem with whey.

Q2 summary: Casein for slow release #protein, #hemp and #pea for vegan/dairy-free #plantbased option – good addition to routine! #hbloggers

Q3) What’s your favourite way of including #protein in your diet? From #baking to #shakes – tell us!
@hedihearts – All of them. I like to shake it, bake it and protein bar-it!

@EleanorMayC – In a shake or almond butter and banana sandwich if I’m hungry!

@HBloggersUK – I sprinkle hemp seeds over my salad!

@cakevscales – Oooh I need to try chocolate peanut! I love using @MyproteinUK desert protein in vanilla for baking!

@ashjvella – Love protein baking & turning naughty treats healthy! Like my recent Protein Cookies!

Ash's chocolate & pistachio protein cookies

Q3 summary: You’re a creative bunch, you lot! Adding #protein to baking can be simple or creative while adding flavour too 🙂

Q4) Final Q! Any last thoughts, tips or comments on #protein (powders, drinks, etc.) – share them now!
@EleanorMayC – If you run out of powder, don’t worry! Get creative with nuts, seeds, avocados… Boost your meals! Now feeling inspired to make some protein based recipe posts!

@cakevscales – I second that! Plant based protein is easy to add to your diet!

Q4 summary: Protein can be easily added to baking and everyday meals for an extra boost, the opportunities are endless!

Thanks for having me @HBloggersUK, I’m already looking forward to next Sunday’s which will be hosted by the lovely Jess – same time, same place! #hbloggers