News: I’m one of Wheyhey protein ice cream’s Wheyhey Chefs!

As many may already know, I’ve been a huge fan of the Wheyhey protein ice cream brand for a while now; their creamy, indulgent but completely guilt-free tubs of frozen whey protein goodness are the ideal snack, dessert or treat for those with a sweet tooth wanting to keep their carb and sugar levels low. A few months back I was kindly sent a batch of their iced goodies and came up with some healthy, gluten-free recipes, including Banana Pancakes and a Chocolate Berry Mousse – yum!


You can imagine my excitement then, when they lovely Wheyhey team got in touch and invited me, along with three other wonderful creative foodies, to be their very special Wheyhey Chefs! Each Saturday morning, myself, Sam, Heather and Teddy & Alex will be sharing a whole manner of protein-packed delights, from post-workout snacks to healthy dessert alternatives on the vibrant Wheyhey blog. It’s our job to inspire you and help to show it’s possible to treat your mind AND your body!


My first challenge was special one as it had to incorporate the new Wheyhey flavour, Banoffee, in celebration of Movember. A banana-caramel version of my favourite ice cream? HELLO! I couldn’t wheyt (sorry) to try it! When it arrived, I certainly wasn’t disappointed and got cracking with my creation: Banana, Peanut & Banoffee Protein Stack, made using some of my favourite products including Hognuts nut butter, Walden Farms Caramel syrup and PhD Nutrition Vanilla diet whey protein.

Wheyhe2 Wheyhey5 Wheyhey6a

Go check out the full recipe over on the Wheyhey blog and if you give it a go yourself, make sure you tag @SpamellaB and @wheyheyofficial on Twitter and the same on Instagram! Look out for the next recipe coming soon…