Train Eat Gain recipe: Spiced Squash & Cacao Chip Protein Muffins


After the indulgences of Christmas, you may be looking to kickstart a healthy lifestyle through food and exercise, while still wanting to enjoy what you eat. I’ve got a sweet tooth so I’m always experimenting with gluten-free, high protein and healthy recipes, and these muffins certainly don’t disappoint.

I hate wasting food so with some cooked butternut squash left from an evening meal, I blended some up to create these wonderfully moist muffins with a cheeky addition of cacao chips to add a rich chocolatey flavour. You can use pumpkin if you don’t have squash, or use dark chocolate chunks instead of cacao nibs. Enjoy without feeling guilty!

Check out the full recipe over on the Train Eat Gain website – and find all of my contributions over here 🙂