Getting #CayenneHappy with Nix&Kix drinks

Thanks to James’ guest post on the benefits of including chillies in your diet, it was a delight to hear from the guys at Nix&Kix, a fruity cayenne tonic brand based in London run by Julia and Kerstin – ‘two girls on a mission to get you cayenne happy!’

“We love chillies so much, which is why we even put them in our drinks!”

…they commented via Instagram, which certainly caught my attention. Cayenne pepper, in drinks? Why the hell not!

Made from 100% natural fruit juices, zero additives or added sugar (particular bonus points from me there), Nix&Kix partner with a top UK chilli farm to expertly blend a cheeky pinch of cayenne into every bottle. This unique twist on a usual beverage is a great selling point in such a saturated market, and is sure to appeal to a growing audience who like a bit of kick in their food and drink. Because they are not fizzy, the drinks can be enjoyed anytime of day and make a great cocktail ingredient!


When bottles of these goodies arrived, James and I were both intrigued and excited as to how they would taste. We kindly received one of each flavour:

  • Blood Orange & Ginger
  • Lemon & Lime
  • Cucumber & Lime

Let’s start with the top one. Cracking open the bottle straight from the fridge and taking a sip, it was almost like I had made this myself, straight from a freshly squeezed blood orange. And the cayenne kick? Well, this was a wonderfully subtle addition and was more obvious a few seconds after swallowing. A tingle on the tongue, it worked brilliantly with the fiery ginger and tart orange combination.

James shotgunned the Lemon & Lime one, a favourite of his. Just as I commented, he experienced the welcomed kick to what can usually be quite a plain drink, nice and discreet rather than being overpowering. If you enjoy a bit of a tangy and zingy sensation, this is the drink for you.


What might seem like a strange partnering, I can assure you that cucumber and lime is underestimated; a delicious and refreshing marriage of the watery, distinct cucumber with the zingy sweetness from the citrus fruit. With a cayenne kick, Nix & Kix have won in this bottle of delightfulness. It’s hard to say which was my favourite, as the quality and freshness was superb, but I think this just pipped the others to the post!

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