NEWS: Working Exclusively with PhD Nutrition!

As many of my readers may know, I use PhD Nutrition whey protein powders rather a lot in my healthy, high protein recipes. Whatever the flavour, I find it works amazingly in baked goods, from cakes and muffins to cheesecakes and bars, adding a wonderful flavour, boosting the protein content and combines with other ingredients without affecting the texture.


Although I use the whey protein in my daily post workout smoothies and breakfast yogurt pots, it really does win hands down in the baking category too! In the past, some protein brands I’ve tried haven’t translated great so it’s very refreshing to find a product that is so versatile.

Back in May, it was a pleasure to be invited to bake some protein treats for the PhD Woman stand at this year’s Body Power Expo event on the Sunday I was down. After testing a few variations, I was happy with my clean eating protein brownie recipe and was so pleased to see them going down a treat on the day. Even more so, one of my inspirations, fashion/fitness blogger goddess, Lydia Millen, loved them!

So, onto some exciting news…

I am now working in exclusive partnership with PhD Nutrition and PhD Woman!

Each month I’ll be creating more of my #IndulgingInnocently, high protein and delicious recipes using the versatile, tasty and nutritious protein powders…and you may even see me pop up at health/fitness events in the future!

I better get cracking on recipe experimenting but just thought I’d share this exciting piece of news 🙂

Note: Moving forwards, I will still be working with Wheyhey Ice Cream as one of their Chefs, but I will not be working with other brands producing protein powder. Any other ingredients that compliment these recipes, such as natural sweeteners, nut butters etc. will still be accepted and I am more than happy to include in my blog.