The MCL Approach to a Healthy Lifestyle

Born in 2012, Mission Clean & Lean has become renowned for its health and fitness programmes, helping hundreds of inspiring clients over the past few years to feel the benefits of leading a healthy, active lifestyle.

With a strong community and an active social media presence, it was thanks to Twitter and our my mutual love for health food and fitness that brought myself and the MCL team together. Spotting that they were releasing an ebook in Leeds, I was gutted to have to miss the official launch party, but absolutely delighted to receive a copy of the 238-page guide.


The substantial book has been written with the brand’s core ethos in mind; a fit and healthy body, balanced diet and something that I personally sometimes gets overlooked – an active and positive mind. I love the fact that as soon as you get past the contents, the 11 key points formed from the mission of MCL are straightforward, accessible to all and no BS. As I have always championed, healthy living is a way of LIFE, not just a short-term fad or phase.


Following on from these motivational pieces of advice, we move into a section outlining visual sequences of two effective, 20 minute plan options to do five times a week (for optimum results); Pilates High Intensity Interval Training and High Intensity Interval Training. I find it easier to absorb images alongside text rather than just words, so for me this is ideal – to check you’re doing the moves right too!

A useful weekly planner is also a great example of how to combine the recipes with these workouts for extra motivation; showing how simple maintaining your success can be and staying on the right track!

The ‘Mindfulness’ section is a welcomed addition, for a totally holistic approach to healthy living. The affirmations included and ways of ‘training’ the mind are perhaps the most powerful thing when it comes to adopting a perhaps slightly different view on working out more, or choosing to eat healthily out of enjoyment rather than seeing it as a ‘chore’. I was pleased to see this, which also includes natural beauty, to help you glow from the inside out.


This is where I was overcome with excitement; the food section! Expect to be treated to over 150 recipes, split into various sections:

  • Breakfast (From overnight oats to smoothie bowls)
  • Lunch (Including soups, salads and even picnic ideas)
  • Dinner (Showing you CAN enjoy your favourite ‘takeaway’ options)
  • Snacks (Popcorn and roasted nuts? Hello!)
  • Sweet Treats (For a sweet tooth – fudge, brownies and more *drool*)
  • Desserts (Enjoy ice cream, tarts and mousses the healthy way!)
  • Drinks (Hot tonics to mocktails, everything is covered)

I really didn’t know where to start, thanks to being totally spoilt for choice. It’s quite rare that I actually come across a recipe book (or ebook!) and have the urge to want to make pretty much EVERYTHING, so a big well done to the MCL team for that!

Clearly presented with stunning photography of selection recipes dotted throughout, what’s great is that they don’t demand outrageous or unaccessible ingredients; the vast majority included are available from the average supermarket or health food store – Tesco, Aldi and Holland Barrett would suffice from my own experience.

Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 18.45.57


The book’s aim is to ‘personalise your clean and lean lifestyle and enjoy the energy, vibrancy and well-being you get from MCL every day.’ Does it do what it says on the tin? Absolutely. For just £14.99, I can honestly say you get your money’s worth – and then some. Lovely, passionate people behind the scenes who clearly know their aubergines from their arteries, it’s been a pleasure to peruse the book and there are plenty of recipes I’ve got bookmarked.


I’m delighted to share a special offer with you lovely readers – get the ebook for just £12.99! 

Make sure you follow Mission Clean & Lean on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest – and check out my special guest recipe for the MCL team over on their blog – healthy Red Velvet Protein Butterfly Buns, anyone?