Bathtime with HiPP Organic’s Free From Baby Care Range

Now that Tom is over 2 months old, bath time is becoming part of a regular routine for our little man. While we bathed him once a week in just water for the first couple of months, James and I have recently introduced HiPP Organic’s new Free From and Ultra Sensitive baby care products to make this experience a little more exciting.

I was wary at first about using any kind of product, as baby’s skin is super sensitive as it adjusts to this new world. I was worried Tom would develop a rash or it would cause irritation but thankfully with HiPP’s range I had nothing to be concerned about; just as they are known for nutritious, quality organic baby food for over 60 years, these products have been formulated with the very best ingredients especially for little ones in mind. It makes sense that this expertise has been put into developing a skincare range completely free from any nasties like PEG, parabens, Acrylat-polymers, preservatives and any allergy-causing fragrances, making it suitable to use from baby’s first bath and beyond.

With a unique ‘no tears’ formula and made using only the kindest ingredients to help minimise the risk of allergies and guaranteeing a gentler, softer wash, I was kindly sent four products in the range for us to test out. Here are my thoughts:


Sometimes we bath Tom on a morning; sometimes on a night. This seems to be a good all-round, any time of day product which is great from first bath until a separate shampoo is needed, meaning it makes life easier when we need to wash his hair and clean his body. It lathers up nicely, has a gorgeous soft scent and leaves our baby boy’s skin soft and smooth thanks to being free from nasties. (400ml £2.99)


If we’ve bathed Tom using the Goodnight Baby Bath, this one is ideal for washing his head and hair – although he hasn’t got much of it (yet!), when his hair dries it looks shiny, feels soft and healthy and smells just divine. He sometimes develops a little red rash on the back of his head but once we’ve used the shampoo it seems to disappear which is amazing! (200ml £1.29)

GOODNIGHT BABY BATH with added calm

If we do bath Tom in the evening we love using this as it contains sandalwood – a calming fragrance to help soothe and settle little ones. Again, it doesn’t cause any irritation and instead makes his skin super soft and delicate with a gentle scent. (350ml £2.99)

Also included in the range is a Foaming Hand Wash with a cute little duck pump dispenser – however this one is more suitable for when he’s a bit older so we’ve put this away for now!

Overall I’m really impressed with the range as it’s made me confident to clean and bath Tom without the worry of being too harsh on his skin. HiPP Organic is passionate about little ones growing up happy in a healthy, natural world which is exactly what I want for my child so I’m pleased this is reflecting in this gorgeously packaged, reasonably priced range of products which we’ll definitely be using for quite some time.

The new HiPP baby care range is available from the HiPP website or on Amazon.