SilentNight Safe Nights Nursery Collection

When it comes to having a baby there isn’t much you need when it comes to essentials; lots of love and affection, cuddles, warmth, clothes, food, nappies, water wipes and muslin cloths. And of course, cosy and safe bedding, which is where SleepyPeople’s Silentnight Safe Nights nursery collection comes in.

Offering a range of sleep bags, blankets, towels and bedding, the collection has been produced in OEKO-TEX certified factories, guaranteeing the seal of approval for safety standards and designed to ensure that little ones have a safe and peaceful night’s sleep while they grow. All products are made from breathable fabric which helps to prevent overheating and are also able to retain their shape and colour – even after 50 washes!

With sleep being such a key part of baby’s growth and development – not to mention the parents getting some much-needed shut eye too – I was intrigued to see how we would get on with some products kindly sent for Tom. He’s just turned 4 months (HOW?!) and still sleeps in his moses basket in our room; our little one tends to go from about 10pm – 2am then wakes up for a feed before nodding off again until about 6am.


It’s important that sheets fit neatly around baby’s mattress so it’s handy that theses 100% Jersey cotton sheets are elasticated to provide a perfect fit. Available in handy packs of two (wash one while the other is in use), choose from white, cream, pink, grey or pink/grey star colourways. Soft, cosy and with a smart design, for RRP £6.99 they are really good value for money in terms of quality and appearance.


A super-soft fleece blanket to keep your little one warm, I don’t know who loved this more, me or Tom! Gorgeously soft and cuddly, with winter approaching this is going to be a winner, both indoors and outdoors. Crafted from 100% polyester and at a generous size of 70 x 90cm, for RRP £11.99 I was really impressed with the feel and quality, plus the contrasting edge details was a nice touch on the side. We have quite a few blankets already but most of them are white or blue so the grey colour was a nice change too.


Tom’s a wriggler and there are times I wake up in the night and he’s kicked his blanket off, so sleep bags have been a gamechanger. With a non-restrictive design to provide ultimate comfort, this 2.5 Tog duvet means baby will always be snuggly, even on cold nights. The extra underarm poppers ensure a snug fit and when the zip is fully fastened there’s a fabric covering to protect baby’s neck and face. The hollowfibre filling and 100% cotton cover means that this cute bedtime essential is 100% hypoallergenic which is also a bonus. Tom loves this and compared to his other ones, is definitely the softest!

I must say the new Silentnight Safe Nights collection is a winner, from the cute simple star design featured throughout the products to the super soft material – all with baby’s best interests at heart. I was happy and reassured to put Tom to bed with these products and would recommend them to kit out their baby’s nursery – or if you’re looking to buy a gift for new parents, individual pieces would be ideal!