Thomas Turns One!

As I write this, my son is asleep having spent the afternoon crawling non-stop, walking around the house while holding onto chairs, cupboards and sofas to support himself, and giggling on the swing in the garden. I cannot believe my tiny little baby boy will no longer be 11 months old but ONE. I wanted […]

Tom’s Oatcakes

Time has flown by and my little boy is now 9 MONTHS OLD. He’s such a happy chappy who never sits still (no wonder he builds up such an appetite!) and has four teeth coming through nicely. Tom is loving his food and enjoying a combination of spoon-feeding and feeding himself finger foods. He loves […]

Thomas Oliver’s Christening

23rd June and 29th October 2017 are special dates in our calendar. Our beautiful little boy arrived 5 weeks early on the summer Friday morning at 5.13am; the other date was the day Thomas Oliver Higgins was christened. Returning to where James and I got married on 12th September 2015, the absolutely stunning Ripon Cathedral […]

Life Update: Baba Higgins!

Something quite big and life-changing happened earlier today. And right now, I’m in a bubble of complete joy, excitement and happiness. I don’t often share personal posts on my blog, but this is coming from the heart and I wanted to share some news with you… WE MET BABA HIGGINS TODAY! See this mini human, […]