Flyte: Energising The Natural Way

When you’re a parent, it’s pretty common to feel tired. That’s probably stating the obvious but whether that’s down to sleepless nights, running after a toddler all day or balancing work and a baby, sometimes you might need need an extra boost to help get you through slumps of energy throughout the day.

Caffeine can be a lifesaver, and at least once a day I see at least one mum or dad I follow on Twitter talk about how that cup of coffee helped to stop them feeling like a zombie. Although it’s not good to rely on the stimulant to keep us going, a bit of caffeine isn’t going to hurt.

If you’re looking for something a bit different and better for you than chemical-filled energy drinks, this is where new British drink brand, Flyte, comes in. Offering a revolutionary range of lightly sparkling and healthier energy drinks made from ingredients sourced from nature, every bottle has less than 40 calories, is non-GMO, free from added sugar or refined sweeteners and created with powerful elements like maca root for a natural boost.

The first drink of its kind, I was intrigued to try these as I’m not a fan of the usual Monster, Red Bull or Relentless drinks on the market but I was keen to see how Flyte would compare. Claiming to offer a burst of ‘clean energy’ without having a negative impact on the body and avoiding wired highs and sugar crashes, each bottle is made from water, fruit juice, stevia plant leaves for natural sweetness, vitamins, plus:

  • A double shot of Organic Caffeine, harnessed from pure and anti-oxidant rich unprocessed, unroasted green coffee beans.
  • Maca Root has been used for thousands of years in South America. It is high in antioxidants, Vitamin C, copper and iron and aids focus and concentration.
  • Super berry Schizandra is native to Asia and North America and helps with blood oxygenation to reduce muscle aches and pains, overcome fatigue and encourages fast recovery post-exercise.


These tasted like an upmarket sparkling drink rather than a chemically-tasting energy drink most of us are probably used to. Not too sweet, no unpleasant aftertaste and bursting with flavour, we tried the Green Mango and Red Berries varieties (Orange Clementine and Citrus Lemon are also available) which were both tangy, refreshing and nicely balanced in flavour.

James and I loved taking one of these straight from the fridge on a long walk with baby Tom, as they are so thirst quenching, with the added bonus of offering that little hit of energy. The Flyte drinks also worked well when we had our friends over for a BBQ in the garden, as a delicious alternative to alcohol, coffee or just a standard cold drink. Also ideal before or after a workout thanks to the drink’s recovery qualities, they really fitted into different occasions throughout the day and were a pleasure to drink.