These vegan-friendly cookie dough bites are genuinely one of the best things I’ve made. Almost like a mix between a cookie and shortbread biscuit, it’s simply made from oats and cashews blended with coconut oil, nut butter and maple syrup to provide the creamiest base spiked with delicious chunks of Montezuma’s incredible Like No Udder milk chocolate – – just as smooth and creamy and as high in cocoa as their regular milk chocolate but without the dairy and ideal for vegans. YUM!

Topped with an extra layer of chocolate (because why not) and crunchy cashew pieces and cacao nibs, this is such an easy treat to whizz up, with no need to bake and can be stored in the fridge for the week ahead when you have a sweet / chocolate craving. I hope you love these little squares of pleasure as much as I do!

Get the recipe over here!