Introducing Birds Eye Veggie Bowls

For many people, January is about getting back on the health wagon after the indulgences of Christmas, whether that be hitting the gym hard, making an effort to eat healthily or cutting out booze for a while (Dry January, anyone?). It can be a challenge to stay motivated, especially when it’s so cold and grim outside, which is why these healthy changes need to be as accessible and convenient as possible.

That’s where Birds Eye’s new selection of healthy, balanced meals come in handy, fitting in with the surging trend of more people choosing a plant-based diet. Unlike some chilled meals on the market, each bowl is free from artificial additives, preservatives or flavours, high in plant protein but low in saturated fat and is packed with vegetables – one bowl counts towards two of the recommended five a day!  

Although a big part of my job involves making food, sometimes I focus so much on baking and making sweet healthy treats that meals tend to be rushed or thrown together last minute. I used to be against ready meals but it’s been really encouraging to see more health-conscious and veggie meals pop up like the Veggie Bowls range. They are ready from frozen in seven minutes which means they are perfect for keeping in the freezer when you need a quick but healthy lunch or dinner. The range does not compromise on taste and offers four varieties:

  • Thai Curry with Chickpeas and Sweet Potato
  • Super Green Italian Risotto with Lentils and Grilled Courgette
  • Moroccan Tagine with Chickpeas and Grilled Aubergine
  • Asian Sweet & Sour Noodles with Edamame beans and Bamboo Shoots

Working in partnership with Birds Eye on a paid collaboration, I was invited to get involved and try out some of the range and test them out. First off the branding and packaging is colourful and appealing, reflecting the vibrant concoction of vegetables, grains and pulses on the inside. I was unable to get hold of the Thai Curry and Italian Risotto (which both look and sound wonderful) but I was a big fan of the Moroccan Tagine: delightfully fragrant and bursting with fresh red peppers, tomatoes, aubergine, chickpeas, quinoa and couscous infused with aromatic spices. The portion was just right – filling enough to satisfy a hungry tummy thanks to all the components of the dish.

This was also the same for the Asian Noodles dish, packed with sugar snap peas, red peppers, edamame beans, bamboo shoots and Chinese black mushrooms coated in a sticky ginger sweet and sour sauce. Bold colours, plenty of flavour and a generous amount of veggies and beans, this will certainly appeal to the Chinese food fans out there looking for a fast and healthy vegetarian option.

These meals really would be brilliant for a working lunch or dinner after the gym – a fast, nutritious and tasty way to fuel your body. It’s great to see a family favourite brand like Birds Eye branch out into the veggie and health food market with these products, offering meals that so many of us can enjoy while still being able to be rest assured that they aren’t full of junk.

Thanks to Birds Eye for inviting me to be part of this paid campaign. You can find these Veggie Bowls RRP £2.89 each in Asda, Tesco, Morrisons and online at Ocado.