VEGAN Raw Cherry, Almond & Acai Cheesecake

Summer goes hand-in-hand with berries and chilled/frozen desserts. Which is why I thought it was time to post a recipe especially for the warmer weather we’re currently having in the UK (temperatures about 20 degrees – shocking, right?!). So, here’s a very simple but stunning dessert that you can make in advance and serve up […]

Superfood Smoothie Bowl

A bowl bursting with colour, goodness and vitality; that’s the principle behind the trend taking the health food world by storm, particularly on visual-based social media channels like Instagram and Pinterest. Smoothie bowls are about bringing together a whole range of nutrients from fruits, vegetables, superfoods and of course, serving them in a bowl decorated […]

EASTER SPECIAL: Kaizen Living Cacao Nests with Superfood Eggs

These colourful little treats make the ideal clean eating Easter treat, proving you can still enjoy this time of year without feeling too naughty! Made from a raw chocolate, crunchy oat and nut mixture, these nests are the perfect holder for Kaizen Living superfood-filled ‘eggs’ made from a raw, vegan and gluten-free marzipan mixture. You […]