Everything a social media geek could want – all in one post!

Social Media Geek

I’ve recently started to get back into the daily habit of reading some of the best digital media/marketing/social media/business blogs out there and enjoying all the weird, wonderful and fascinating facts, reports and features they have to offer. It makes me fall in love with this industry even more and feeds my interest and enthusiasm for it – so thank you Mashable, The Drum, Marketing Magazine and EConsultancy!

Speaking of the latter, I came across this beast of an article earlier and thought, as well as bookmarking, retweeting favourting the tweet linking to it, I HAD to include it on my blog. Housing everything you need to know about social media case studies, stats, blog posts and more, this will now be my reference post; my bible when pursuing any online work, whether for personal use or for future professional work.

Split into Case Studies, Statistics, Opinion, Infographics, Best Practice and Reports, I’d like to thank EConsultancy for producing something which I’m sure many professionals and/or fellow social media geeks will go back to, time and time again!

Here’s the link! >> econsultancy.com/uk/blog/62558-70-epic-social-media-case-studies-stats-blog-posts-and-more.