“Why Facebook is blue: The science of colors in marketing”

Colour and psychology

Thanks to Twitter (where else?), earlier on I came across a tweet from @IAmPaulWhiting¬†which immediately caught me eye, titled “Why Facebook is blue: The science of colors in marketing” with a link. Now, I’m all about the psychology and analysis behind marketing, advertising and all that jazz, especially when it comes to social media. I got round to reading the full article by Leo Wildrich and I had to post a blog about it – mainly for my reference but also to highlight and share it further with others.

Starting with the question, “Why is Facebook blue?” and offering a perhaps non-scientific answer, there is certainly more that meets the eye, as Wildrich uncovers in a fascinating, analytcial account, exploring the relationship between colour, mental responses, emotions and brand marketing. I don’t want to give too much away and deflect from the article so I but I highly recommend you read it, whether you are a consumer or work behind the scenes for a global brand; you will certainly be able to relate to it one way or another!

Read the full article over on Buffer!