Skrillex & Daft Punk mashup sparks Twitter frenzy

Sharing a video via Twitter is a regular habit of mine; whether it’s a new track I’ve discovered on a late night radio show or an obscure remix not so easily found on SoundCloud with a cool video, I’ll tweet it out with the aim of other people sharing my enjoyment. The other night, I posted something incredible I’d come across – a mashup of two of my favourite artists, Skrillex and Daft Punk, by Conte – as something I felt my fellow music loving followers HAD to see.

Here it is…

Within the next few hours, I went back onto Twitter and was amazed by a HUGE amount of interactions: a retweet from Skrillex himself (one of my heroes, I have to admit) and a reply, saying this was the first time he’d come across this mash-up and thought it was genius… Cue, a mass of retweets and favourites, replies and reponses which just went crazy. Certainly the most interaction I’ve ever received from a single tweet, the last time I checked it was on over 400+ retweets and more than 400 favourites.

Conte Daft Punk Skrillex tweet

The great thing about this was Conte himself replied saying thanks for getting it noticed and spread across the Twittersphere; the video went from about 50,000 views to now over 2 million, which I like to think I helped get up there through the power of Twitter and Skrillex’s huge following.

A lesson here: find something you really enjoy and want to share with others, whether a video or a track, tag the producer or DJ in it and get your tweet noticed – interaction is such a powerful tool which should never be underestimated!.