Jobs After Graduation: featured in The Independent as an inspirational case study

Silver Linings - The Independent

For all the pessimistic, sometimes depressing news reports and statistics of the decline in graduates getting jobs once finishing university, there are positive stories out there to balance the topic out. Yes, it is very competitive, challenging and a dog-eat-dog world out there but, if you’ve got a hard working attitude, determination and show passion and enthusiasm for something, it’ll get you far in life.

I was thrilled to be asked by budding journalist, Hannah Bryan, who is approaching graduation herself, to feature in an article focusing in on this more optimistic side for The Independent. Alongside three other graduates, Hannah’s inspirational piece highlights our backgrounds and chosen career paths, plus how we got to where we are with some encouraging advice. It was great to be a part of such a motivating feature and I hope it is helpful to students out there!

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