Bounce Balls: Protein-packed snacks of goodness for natural energy

When it comes to healthy snacks, we’re spoilt for choice these days thanks to the boom in the market and wider availability. While some claim to be healthier than they actually are (sneakily packed full of added sugar, for instance), there are many which are packed full of goodness and natural ingredients; some of my favourites include organic raw Nom Bars, Creative Nature superfood bars and nutrient packed Love Raw ones. I try to limit those containing dates and oats because they are high in carbohydrates and natural sugars, so when Bounce Balls caught my attention, I was intrigued by their high protein content and health benefits.


Launched 10 years ago in Australia with the aim of inspiring positive change in the way people eat, think and live, Bounce Balls are made from quality ingredients and “are what you need to support your healthy, active lifestyle and help you feel good at any time of the day.” Promoted as being energising and nutritious, tasty and convenient, satisfying and gluten-free, I had high expectations when I first tried the Coconut & Macadamia one a while ago and my god, I was not disappointed. It was great to find a convenient product to eat on the go which was nutrient-dense yet didn’t compromise on taste.

The range currently includes 8 different flavours, all of which have their own important role, whether for taste, function of nutritional value. I was lucky enough to win a box each of four different varieties recently, which inspired me to write a post about the brand after falling in love with these genius little balls of goodness!


A chewy mix of coconut, nuts and whey protein

Coconut Macadamia

I’ve got a bit of an obsession with coconut – milk, water, oil, flavouring – so this was naturally the first one I tried a while ago when I first spotted Bounce Balls in Holland & Barrett. Packed with macadamias, cashews and whey protein, these exotic-tasting, chewy balls with a delicious fudge-like texture certainly fill the gap. Not only that but you can be assured they nourish your body with protein, fibre and antioxidants.


A chewy mix of walnuts, carob & seeds


A substantial mix of walnuts, peanuts, carob and sesame seeds, these crunchy, robust balls are high in fibre, manganese and heart-healthy fats. Less moist than the others I tried but still satisfyingly chewy and full of flavour, if you’re a nut lover this variety will be well up your street if you’re looking for an enjoyable, filling snack you can be certain is good for you.


A chewy mix of almonds, oats & seeds


These may look weird on the outside, but this superhealthy mix of almonds, oats, sesame seeds combined with superfoods ginseng and spirulina makes for a delicious, energy-rich snack. This was one of my favourites, naturally sweet and moist, with the nuts adding extra crunch while boosting the fibre content and contributing plenty of vitamins E and B12 – all helping to give you a natural energy lift. Don’t be put off by the unusual appearance; as soon as you take a bite, you know it’s doing your body some good!


A chewy mix of cacao nibs, whey protein & sunflower seeds


All I can say is…wow. This new variety tasted far too rich, luxurious and sweet for it to be good for you but it’s an explosion of healthiness thanks to the powers of sunflower seeds, cacao nibs, 10g of whey protein, pea proteins and rice bran. Think of it as being a fudgy, indulgent After Eights-like treat thanks to the wonderful combination of mint and chocolate, but one which is also high in fibre and the antioxidant vitamin E. Honestly, I think this could be my new-found addiction, but at least it’s pretty much guilt-free!

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