Natvia Recipe Challenge – Indulge your sweet tooth innocently!

Many of us can’t deny we have a sweet tooth that struggles to resist anything sugary to satisfy cravings; sweets and chocolate, ice cream, desserts…the list goes on, and as our bodies rely more on it for a ‘fix’, the more we get caught in a vicious circle – and pile on the pounds. There has been much debate surrounding sugar for many years, arguing its harmful effects on our bodies with a call for to reduce levels in everyday food products, the sweet white granule being the enemy for health experts.


However, let me introduce you to Natvia, the 100% natural, healthy alternative to artificial sweetener. Sound too good to be true? Well, it’s not and even boasts a low GI index score, is low in carbohydrates, kind to teeth, contains NOTHING artificial and has 100% fewer calories than sugar…wow. Originating from Australia, I was hugely excited to be asked to try out this miracle sugar substitute to create some gluten-free, #IndulgingInnocently clean eating recipes…here goes!


apple traybake3

Protein Brownie Cookies 3




The verdict:

As well as baking I tried Natvia in various ways, from stirring it into natural yogurt, blending it in shakes, adding to coffee and using in sweet sauces, I have to say I was honestly very impressed. It had delicious sweet taste without being too tart or overpowering, no bitter aftertaste and it didn’t spoil other ingredients at all. Knowing this had no calories or sugars and was low in carbohydrates made me confident in baking more exciting but healthy clean eating treats, while still being enjoyable to eat.

The opportunities of using Natvia in your everyday diet are endless and I can’t recommend this more; I’ll be using this from now on whenever sugar is needed and the handy little sachet packets and dispensable tins are ideal when you’re out and about. Thanks Oz for creating this wonderful product, here’s to indulging in healthy treats, completely guilt-free!


The generous people at Natvia are offering a generous sample pack of this fabulous healthy sweetener! All you need to do is comment on the post below saying how you’d use Natvia in your diet, follow @SpamellaB and @NatviaUK on Twitter and tweet me with the hashtag #NatviaComp. You have until 14th October to enter – good luck all! 🙂 x