Wheyhey Chef Recipe 2: Mint Swirl Protein Chocolate Chunks

With Christmas only a few days away now, for my 2nd recipe as a Wheyhey Chef, I aimed to make something indulgent, delicious but guilt-free too, of course! These little chocolatey treats are packed full of protein using Wheyhey’s chocolate whey protein ice cream, along with healthy fats from cashews and coconut oil, plus a boost of nutrients from adding in superfood powders, spirulina and cacao (I used Kaizen Living, a new Manchester superfood company).

Because these are kept in the freezer, you can make them ahead and eat straight away when you need a chocolate fix but without breaking your clean eating habits. You CAN eat chocolate and enjoy it!




Check out the full recipe over here on the Wheyhey blog – please do let me know if you give them a go and tag me on Twitter and/or Instagram 🙂