Product Review: Moral Fibre sweet & savoury raw snacks

When it comes to snacking between meals, I keep it super basic; usually raw apple, celery and/or carrot sticks with some nut butter, or maybe a cheeky piece of one my homemade gluten-free treats I’ve made for my blog – but I don’t really ‘do’ it.

The market is saturated when it comes to grabbing something on the go, but it can be of a bit of a minefield – and a misleading one at that – when ‘healthy’ ones are involved. Yes, cereal bars can be a good choice over crisps, but many contain naughty hidden sugars and other not-so-healthy ingredients under its deceivingly innocent packaging; you really do have to read the label to make sure you aren’t consuming what might as well of been a chocolate bar.


This is where Moral Fibre come in, delicious and nutritious 100% natural, raw, handmade, plant-based snacks packed with flavour and energy, without containing gluten, dairy or added sugars (apart from one of the products). Now this sounds like my cuppa tea.

Inspired by her healthy, active upbringing in Sydney, founder Jenny has applied this ethos to Moral Fibre products and worked with nutritionists, dieticians and personal trainers, so you can be sure to enjoy delicious, healthy sweet and savoury snacks between meals or as a guilt-free treat.


So let’s move onto the offerings – I’ll start with the Savoury snacks, suitable for vegans, high in fibre and protein and with no gluten or dairy. The Courgette Crunch bites, containing just 26 calories and 2g fat each, are made simply from courgettes, cashews, lemon, tamari, linseeds and Himalayan pink salt; this may not seem much, but my gosh these are tasty – crunchy, subtle but also offering a salty sensation (without being overpowering).


I love a bit of spice, so the Chilli ones absolutely hit the spot by offering a bit of a kick, plus the fresh red peppers and nutritious yeast add a cheesy and flavoursome depth. These bad boys are so good, they won a Gold Star at the Great Taste Awards 2014! I enjoyed these as they are, but they would be great with hummus or pesto spread on them and served as a starter!


The Banananut Bites, made from dehydrated bananas, dates, pecans and coconut (yes, that’s it), are ideal for a super sweet tooth, but the sweetness comes from only natural sugars. At 26 calories and 1.2g fat per bite, it’s not like these high fibre, vegan friendly handmade snacks are damaging to your diet and can be enjoyed when you’re craving a tasty boost of energy. I like that these aren’t too sickly, dry or crumbly and have just the right texture.


For those who can’t eat nuts, you’ll be pleased to know the Banana Berry Bites are made from dehydrated bananas, dates, cranberries and coconut and only have naturally occurring sugars and only pack 22 calories and 0.9g fat per bite. Compared to others, I personally prefer the nutty addition but these are more fruity and just as enjoyably moist without being sticky or crumbly.


The combination of cranberries, figs, dates, raisins coconut, cinnamon and a cocoa dusting make the Figberry Balls more indulgent and rich, a great choice for a treat or special occasion. Seriously tasty and fruity, the balance of flavours works so well that one ball really does satisfy a sweet tooth at just 30 calories and 0.5g fat per portion. High in fibre, suitable for vegans and gluten-dairy and nut free, these don’t feel like anything ‘bad’ has been missed out!


Oh my. The Raspberry Cocolossal Balls of raw goodness are the result of Medjool dates, ground almonds, coconut, cacao, dehydrated raspberries and maca – we’re talking serious natural goodness here. I could have easily eaten these vegan, high fibre balls all in one go, they were so moreish – but I refrained (somehow). Offering just 46 calories and 2.6g fat per ball, I would recommend serving these as a delicious after dinner dessert with coffee for a luxurious but healthy end to a meal.

Finally, we have the slightly naughtier bites in the range: Choco Banananut Bites. An indulgent but still pretty healthy treat for serious chocoholics, these are the only ones that have added sugar, made from Fairtrade (fresh) bananas, dates, coconut, pecans and 70% dark chocolate. Chewy and delicious, each little bite provides a taste sensation of sweetness from the banana and chocolate while the nuts add depth and a slight crunch. Still raw and gluten-free, 50 calories and 3.2g of fat a pop ain’t bad at all when a sweet fix is needed!


I have fallen in love with the Moral Fibre goodies and could not agree more with the brand’s ethos and mission. It’s so nice to know that these snacks are available when time is short or you’re wanting a little something to give you a boost of energy on the go, without being crammed with added salt, sugar or additives. As each product shows, things made from natural ingredients can still be tasty and full of flavour without the need for nasties!

I’d like to say a big thank you to the guys at The Food Sauce for putting me in touch with this wonderful brand!

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