JimBag: Bridging The Gap Between Sport and Fashion

With its play on words, distinct logo and array of colours, Manchester-based brand JimBag is taking what appears to be both the fitness and fashion worlds by storm. You might have already come across the brand on social media at some point – it’s hard to miss the eye-catching, attention-grabbing, bold yet stylish bags.


If you’re on the go a lot between home, the gym, work, seeing friends, or travelling and staying overnight, you need a bag that is durable, fits a lot in without being bulky and caters for different scenarios. It needs to be versatile, practical and neutral enough to blend into these occasions rather than having to change bags while still looking good…Which is where JimBag comes in…

From barrels to holdalls, duffles to washbags and even hoodies, in its own words, “JimBag is not just any old gym bag. It’s a stylish fashionable alternative to the more traditional sports bag – it’s a style statement with bags of attitude!” I certainly agree with this statement, a nod to the fact that the worlds of work and play are becoming ever more intertwined.

Another reason to love the brand on a personal note is its Mancunian roots. Founded by semi-professional rugby player Anthony Bingham after identifying a gap in the market for a multipurpose bag that would transition from sporting life to the office, on returning from a stint in Australia, JimBag was born and manufactured locally.

Onto the bag itself. I went for the Navy On Navy Barrel variety, a lightweight, compact, medium-sized cotton canvas bag, one which would be suitable for both my husband James and I. Some materials on sports bags can be hard and rub against your skin – not the JimBag, with its super soft yet durable material. Proudly flying the Union Jack flag on the side of the bag next to the brand’s recognisable logo, the two large woven cream coloured handles contrast nicely and make it easy to carry around.


You’d be surprised how much it can fit in – deceivingly spacious, this bag really came in handy for fitting in things like my camera, sports gear and drinks on a recent trip to London. James also used it for an overnight stay with work, packing in his toiletries, gadgets and clean clothes. A single secure zip keeps everything safe, although we both said we’d perhaps like the addition of a mini zip pocket on the inside – but that’s just a personal preference.


For me, this JimBag has everything I could want from a high-quality fashionable yet practical bag that suits my busy lifestyle. Available in various colours to suit different preferences, this is a bag I feel confident carrying around and already planning on taking it with us on holiday. Look out for snaps on Instagram to see where we take it – I know for a fact James and I will be fighting over who gets to use it! 😉