Being Active Outdoors and Eating Natural – My ‘Magic’ Pairing

Strawberries and cream. British summer weather and brollies. Pimms and lemonade… These are some pairings which just aren’t as good without the other, especially at this time of year.

From a health point of view, the coupling of Calcium and Vitamin D is the focus of Alive’s new Calcium Soft Jells, which have been specifically developed for the maintenance of normal bones and teeth. Available in a delicious Strawberry flavour made from natural fruit and suitable for vegetarians, find out from the lovely Nic’s Nutrition why Calcium is so essential for our bodies.


This got me thinking about my own ‘magical pairing’ for long-term health and wellbeing, even more so considering findings from Alive’s recent research into attitudes towards this subject:

Can you believe that 63% of British women surveyed aged between 25-55 do not actively take steps to looking after their long-term health? The commissioned research found that 31% of those aged 25-34 feel more ‘invincible’ and are more concerned with living in the moment, which is why they only really start to consider their health when they hit their mid-forties.

I’ve grown up in an environment where looking after yourself both inside and out starts from a young age, developing healthy habits which you take through your teens, twenties and beyond. The saying goes that it’s never too late – but in the case of your own health, surely you want to be feeling as energetic, buzzing and glowing as possible, so you can enjoy life to the full? I’m not talking starvation diets or hours spent slogging in the gym – but small changes to maximise your diet and health.

So back to my two go-to things to ensure I’m happy and healthy for the years ahead:


I can’t stress enough how simply being outdoors and going on a walk has such a huge impact on clearing my mind and boosting my mood. For as long as I can remember, getting out in the fresh air and feeling the sun on my face (if we’re lucky in the UK!) immediately makes me feel happy, glowing and at peace. Years of intense road running has taken it’s toll on my knees so instead I powerwalk for at least 7km on a daily basis. It’s free, burns calories, gets the endorphins pumping and in my eyes, is one of the best overall forms of exercise, for all ages!

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Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 13.54.18


I don’t believe in short-lived, unsustainable and elimination diets; instead, it’s all about eating as naturally as possible, choosing a range of colourful fruits and vegetables (the more variety, the better), eating wholegrains, nuts and seeds, high quality dairy and some meat. I’m wheat intolerant which is why I cut this out, plus I try to stay clear of added sugars as much as possible, instead preferring to use stevia or unrefined alternatives like coconut sugar.

Everyone is different, but by cutting down on processed foods, cooking and baking from scratch with healthy ingredients, you can still enjoy food without feeling deprived. What’s more, glowing skin, hair and nails plus loads of energy, making the right food choices won’t feel like a chore – that’s not to say the odd treat will do you harm too, it’s all about balance!

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Find Alive’s new Calcium Soft Jells in Holland & Barrett in-store and online. I’d also love to know YOUR top two things you consider to be vital for your own health and happiness – comment below or tweet me @SpamellaB 🙂