Life Update: Baba Higgins!

Something quite big and life-changing happened earlier today. And right now, I’m in a bubble of complete joy, excitement and happiness. I don’t often share personal posts on my blog, but this is coming from the heart and I wanted to share some news with you…


See this mini human, just chilling out in child’s pose (it’s taking after it’s yogi mum already)? THIS IS IN MY TUMMY. A living, breathing, moving being. I still can’t quite get my head around it, but it was one of the most surreal and incredible experiences I’ll never forget. And seeing James’ face when we saw him/her on the screen.

12 weeks and 4 days

Let me tell you, the weeks leading up to this point have been a bit of a roller coaster. It started in the run-up to Christmas, when during one of my hot yoga classes I started to feel extremely sick and faint. This feeling stayed with me for days, making me think it was more than a weird cold, especially when I suddenly, out the blue, developed a hatred for coffee. I MEAN, COFFEE 🙁 Coupled with feeling super tired all the time (totally unlike me) and more often-than-average mood swings, I decided to take a test.

BOOM. Positive. I bought two other tests just to be absolutely sure, and they came back positive too. Telling James that night was, other than getting engaged and married, was up there as one of the most special life moments ever. Obviously over Christmas we told our close family the news, who were all absolutely over the moon. And it also explained why we weren’t going out, why I wasn’t drinking, and why the weirdest things made me feel sick. Not telling other people has been a bit of a killer but I’m so happy we can now talk about our news with the world.

The constant nausea lasted a good 8 weeks, along with low energy and feeling emotional, but I’ve recently come out the other end and finally feeling a bit more human again. Other than my boobs growing bigger (YES, AT LAST!!) and a tiny little bump starting to show, I feel more like ‘me’ – for now at least. James and I are both super busy smashing work, looking for a bigger place to live in Manchester, all while we have another little human to think about and plan for.

It’s terrifying but extremely exciting.

Being pregnant and keeping healthy

As someone who is a health food lover and fitness addict, this is obviously something that I am adapting to. I decided to stop my beloved hot yoga classes when I found out (the heat is too intense when you’re pregnant) and since then I’ve been continuing my daily home workouts (mostly weights and toning) and thanks to the help of my Fitbit, hitting around 15,000 – 20,000 steps a day on long walks. This is what I feel I can cope with without pushing myself to exhaustion and to be honest, it’s very handy to know that I’m burning around 2,500 calories a day so I can refuel and nourish my body and the baba.

As someone who overcame a serious eating disorder in their early teens, it is even more important in my mind that I look after this growing being, that I don’t just think about myself, and that I listen to my body. This is something that years ago I would have struggled with -especially the thought of gaining weight – but do you know what? I cannot WAIT for my bump to grow. I’m not going to starve myself and I’m not going to ‘eat for two’ – I’m going to keep eating sensibly, exercise daily and sleep well while knowing someone else is relying on me to look after them.

So there we go. I am keen to add another section on my blog focusing on being pregnant and healthy – and keeping it going when the baba is born. This is another exciting avenue for my blog and work, so if you know of any brands or companies that you think would fit with my ethos, please let me know or get in touch!

Thanks for all your lovely comments, from James, Baba and I x