Peanut Butter Fuel On The Go

Hands up if you’re a peanut butter lover? We certainly are over here and it’s pretty much a fact that we have about 4 jars of the stuff (at least) in the cupboards at all times. One of the key ingredients in many of my recipes, James, Thomas and I love adding it to things, spreading or dipping it, serving it in porridge or smoothie bowls…You name it, we’re on it.

One of my favourite peanut butter brands for a long time has been Pic’s Peanut Butter, a New Zealand based company using only 100% Australian Hi Oleic peanuts for that distinctive pure, natural peanut taste and the silkiest texture. I use their PB in so many recipes which you’ve probably seen on the blog, both crunchy and smooth varieties (because I believe there’s a place for both in the world – controversial statement I know!).

Did you know they do peanut butter ‘Slugs’ too? A 30g pouch of pure PB squished to smooth, lightly salted and squashed into a foil tube, making it the perfect shot snack size for fuel on the go. Packed with protein (26% pure protein per serving) and fibre, free from dairy, gluten and sugar, no added oils, preservatives or flavourings, the Slugs are ideal for on the go snacking for any PB lover, from hikers to bikers, toddlers to teenagers.

I posted a blog back in September 2018 sharing how Tom loves to eat Pic’s – rewind to now and he’s still as obsessed as ever. When Tom’s not at nursery we go out for hours to the park for a run around, exploring, seeing the animals at the farm – and of course, that requires fuel! Along with his other favourite snacks like rice cakes, flapjack bars and raisins, I’ve always got some Slugs packed which are so handy to carry as well as open and eat on the go. 

Even if at home, the Slugs are great as a perfect portion size to squeeze out and add to a bowl of porridge for breakfast or to add to a smoothie. Tom loves being able to do it himself if I give him some toast or slices of banana – I think he likes the independence of being able to squeeze where he wants. And as for me, well, I love just eating them straight from the pouch because why the hell not? Makes a change from a spoon in the jar 🙂

Thanks to Pics for collaboration on this [paid] post with me, it’s always a pleasure being able to work with a brand you love and trust.